Glory of the Firelands Raider mount bugged?

Bug Report
A few days ago me and a couple of buddies from my realm decided to do the "Glory of the Firelands raider" Achivement for the "Corrupted Fire Hawk" mount. I was the only one to complete this out of my group. But when I went to look for my mount it was not there. (Yes I did google, check mount tab, and my mail. I opened a ticket they said that with a few account updates I should have the mount but I still am missing the mount. Is this happening with anyone else? If you have any tips on what I can do let me know. I have been wanting this mount for quite a bit and it Irks me that I can not obtain it.

Ty anyone that gives me tips or helpful advice.
I just did 25 man Glory of the Ulduar Raider, there were about 12 people in the group who got the meta achievement, none of us have gotten our mounts yet. I saw a few other threads about this and apparently it's a known issue now, but I haven't seen any progress on whether/when it's being fixed or not.
Alright, thank you. This makes me feel better. Hopefully the restarts tommorow fix it? Congrats on your mounts by the way! ^

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