[H-RP] The Grey Legion: Now without Airships!

Wyrmrest Accord
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The Grey Legion is a military-style Role Play guild.

If you are interested in joining, submit an application through our website's instruction. The app is in our forums, under the Application section. Its tough to miss.
Website: http://www.thegreylegion.shivtr.com/

Shortly after the fall of Deathwing, the Grey Legion was formed under the Grand Commander Phasm for the benefit of the Horde in the coming war versus the Alliance. Its eyes being set on Northrend, the Legion sought to take advantage of the resources still exploitable in the region and transfer them to the developing fronts across Azeroth. However, with the disappearance of Phasm, and the mantle of leadership being passed on to Lance Topsail, the Legion shifted towards dealing with ominous threats that posed as obstacles for the Horde's path of war and glory. The command was given, and the Legion deployed out into the wilds of Ashenvale and the Barrens, dealing with countless hostiles and making friends with Orcish clans along the way. However, the Legion returned to Orgrimmar only to find that the city had been infested with whispers of treachery, riots, executions, and overall tension between the once united races of the Horde. As a reaction, the Legion was eventually pulled out of the city, embarking upon another deployment to their roots in Northrend. It was in the depths of those wilds that the Legion was forced into a conflict that branded them as traitors, and thus they have been on the run since that fateful night.

Stuff about us!
-We're active
-We RP
-We're level 25 (Perks!)

What We're Looking For
The Legion is looking for quality RPers who:
-Can, and do, post with correct spelling and grammar.
-Can add spice and personal creativity to their posts.
-Understand that there is a fine line between being In Character and being Out of Character.
-Have a positive attitude towards events and RP in general.
-Have respect for other players when OOC.
-Have the ability to look professional OOC when necessary.

The Legion typically hosts a minimum of one event a week. It is very rare that a week passes by these days without some kind of event happening. Thanks to our members and officer corps, these events typically run flawlessly and are a good time for everyone.
Events generally have a /rolling element, as they are typically combat driven. We're not limited to only combat RP, however.

We have a website! We encourage our members to sign up and post their character's histories, read their compatriot's histories, and forum RP if they wish. We have some very talented writers, and we encourage anyone to view what has been placed on our site.

Currently we have a few officers.
Lance Topsail is the Grand Commander. (GM)
-Leugim Santangelo
-Mol'tsok the Scaleflayer
-Suke Wovenleaf
-Tsukia Wovenleaf
-Kirote Dawnshield

Feel free to talk to any of us about joining, or getting more information.
I support this!

Er...I mean Horde.

For the Horde.

Er...I mean Horde.

For the Horde.


Nah, I support em. Good bunch, love rping with them.

My name is Salsbury, and I endorse this message.
The feeling is mutual, Mr. Salsbury.
*wanders through all stealth'ed and such*
Support the Grey Legion now! Great military guild with amazing leadership and rpers!
I am a weapon. I thirst for the blood of my foes, yearn to see them dead at my feet. I desire little more than one who can direct my vengeance, my hatred, my destruction. One worthy of following to the end, if there is one for me.

Do you think yourself worthy to wield my undying might?

(( This has caught my interest.. Next I'm online, I'd like to talk to you guys. ))

Interesting. Some of our members have developed the motto "I am a weapon and the Legion wields me." So, the first line of your post coincidentally matches that.

Nevertheless, I look forward to this meeting destiny has proscribed.
I shall witness this historic meeting from up high, TO THE HINDEN-SALS!

Sals runs off to a large, green zeppelin with a sculpture of his face on the front of it, as it begins to hum and take off.
I want one.

*begins counting out gold for the Topsail Airship*
You must join the fight, AND JOIN THE MOUNTAIN IN GLORIOUS BATTLE! Come, we fight in Tol Barad, Wintergrasp, and everywhere there is thrilling battle to be had! Haha, unless you are little man who prefer to hide...

-Fills the thread with rainbows and incense.-
I am teh' Phasm.
Bump from the rogue alt
Nearly 20% PvP power increase is WAY too much for a single weapon.

Still, had fun arenaing with my bestest buddy Gritzgore and getting enough conq to get my new axe AND upgrade it twice! Looking forward to BGing with the Legion all decked out in somewhat decent gear for once in my WoW career.

Also, servers crashed because me and Gritz 2 manned Arathi Basin Perfection. True story. You should join us to find out the full details.
Let me know when you guys are doing BGs. I still need to get decked in honor gear. I'm rusty, but I'm sure once I get the full set I'll be as lethal as I was in cata.

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