[H-RP] The Grey Legion: Now without Airships!

Wyrmrest Accord
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"I approve this message" - Barack "Hanaro" Obama
The silken clad priestess trailed down the long hallways that lead to her bunk. The chilling scent of granite and dust filled the barrack pathways. Pulling the scarf away from her face, she exhaled a quiet sigh. She was home, finally. The past weeks had been busy, and the guild would most likely stay that way.

With a pale eyed glance over her shoulder, Tij smiled into the common room. Where orc, tauren, troll, goblen, and even elf chatted, argued, and maybe flirted just a bit. Pandaren most often watched, laughed, and provided the food. She kept it to herself, but they were becoming her favorite.

The Sin'dorei smiled, as when it became nuts and bolts, each and every soldier of the Legion fought for each other's life as well as their own. Regardless of how they felt of one another. There was an unspoken loyalty that radiated from the common room, and it brought peace to the tiny mender.

Yes, even Scaleflayer.

Hooking one foot behind her opposite ankle, she spun slightly and started into the direction of her bunk once again. Slender ears unable to resist listening to the chatter behind. The shadows seemed to jump, just slightly, as the single candle within her room spilled it's orange glow out onto the cool grey hallway floor.

Emlee smiled, nodding her head slightly, just in case Phasm had passed by, before disappearing into her private confines.

Welcome to the Legion.

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Some people may just frown and tsk tsk at you Tops. But I for one will salute.


What do we do? What are we about? Refer to page 1.
People frown and tsk tsk at me?! :(

Well, at least I know I have one friend, and for that I salute you.

Great bunch of Horde here!
Should I make those frowning tsk tskers disappear? Concrete shoes and all? Also, bumps for fun times.

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