[H-RP] The Grey Legion: Now without Airships!

Wyrmrest Accord
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Sometimes I lose this thread and find it difficult to bump it.

That time was not today.
I heard my mask is dumb.
I heard my mask is dumb.

It is.
Aw, it's not dumb.

It is very srs.
You're very serious.
Which would spark the question...

Why so srs?

Topsail is serious because he used to be a pirate, and that stuff does stuff to you, man.

Rope swingin' and stuff, shootin' off that rifle.
Sometimes I like posting on different characters.
Good morning bumps
oh hell naw
Bumping this thread because it needs more bumps.
I'm tired
I'm sick. But bump.
Im sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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