[H-RP] The Grey Legion: Now without Airships!

Wyrmrest Accord
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humpy bump
Bumpdouken from Sukuma!
I asked for the bathroom and I ended up here.

*quietly sneaks a bump in*
I really do love Tops with all my heart, though.
Since I joined this guild:

-I got abs
-I punched a walrus in the face
-I was nominated for Mr. America
-I learned how to love again
-I gave calamari a second chance

I'm not saying all this happened BECAUSE of The Grey Legion...

But I'm not NOT saying that.
-I punched a walrus in the face

Hey Kir, guess what
Kir you're not guessing
Dude, its been eleven hours.
Im just going to keep on bumping the thread until Kir answers.

I mean, another eleven hours passed. C'mon dude.
Here, I'll bump ya. It's what I do.
Really impressed by what I've read. I sent in an application. *is excited :B *

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