Pound Town Saturday Alt 25m MV Run 10am-2pm!

Hey friends,

If you are interested in doing some fast clears on your alts on a Saturday morning then you have come to the right place! Pound Town is now beginning its alt run clearing MV and could use several solid dps and a few healers each week. We obviously wants folks that can be regulars, but if you can only make it once that is fine to! The run is a great place to mingle with other solid raiders, rather than the average group of slow kids that you find in PuG's.


Please be enchanted/gemmed and over 470 IL, with at least 5/6 MV exp (NON LFR). We will expect every raider to flask, feasts will be provided. Loot is simple, dont die, do terrible dps, act like an idiot, or go afk and you get to MS Roll. Get it? Good, please message me on Broukz or Papabrookz to get setup with a calendar invite! Also, please make sure you can stay the full duration!

Come get a taste!
Need Moar!

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