[H]<Remnants> Looking for a few good players.

Our team is composed of members that have been raiding together since anywhere from BC to Firelands. We're a tight nit, goal oriented squad of talented players. Adult atmosphere and very vent active on off nights. We like to run arenas and would love to setup an RBG team, but this is a raiding recruitment thread so on to business. We're going through a reorganization process. We've recently placed more seasoned and driven players into tanking roles to assist in pushing our raiding to another level. By the end of this tier our goal is to complete the Glory of the Pandaria Raider Achievement Meta.

We are currently recruiting 2 RDPS (Mage, Warlock, Hunter). Our current DPS team is sitting at 480+ ilvl and pushing 80k + DPS on most encounters. Gear is not necessarily a deal breaker but know your class and be able to play all applicable specs. We expect a reasonable amount of self gearing. You don't need BMAH items to apply, but have some amount of current tier experience. High raid finder activity and a couple of valor pieces so we can see you definitely care about your character. We could potentially make a Holy Paladin or Mistweaver Monk work for the right applicant. Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 830 to 11.

If you feel like we might be the right place for you, contact Ltwobeop, Realale, Targaryenn or Aomis in game for an interview over vent.
Still have a ranged spot open. Join us for laughs (at our paladin's expense), epics and a drama free raiding experience.
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gogo DPS
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LF a damage dealer who likes to log on, could make a healer work also.

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