Darkmoon Fair Pet Battle Daily bugged?

Bug Report
The daily pet battle quest did not reset for me today. Anybody else have this issue today?

I did it on an oceanic realm just after 3AM PST. I have characters on a US realm as well.

Since the daily I assume is account wide, is the daily going by the US daily reset or the oceanic daily reset?

If it's working on the US daily reset, that's pretty lame because due to raid I'll be missing out on one chance every DMF for the new DMF Eye pet.
No reset here as well, and its 3am pst?? Maybe since the quest was a yellow exclamation point and not a blue one, it is a weekly quest shot like the other yellows. except for the whole account wide part anyway... I just hope Blizz is looking into this, so we get the real scoop or it gets fixed!!

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