Weekend group LF Monk or Druid Tank

Hello! We are a casual, weekend afternoon 10-man raiding group. Most of us are long time raiders (except for Vabbian the panda baby) and have cleared all content since Vanilla/BC. We have grown up a bit and don’t have the time or desire to raid heroic modes anymore. Instead, we spend six hours on the weekend clearing as much content as possible, and we have fun instead of wanting to pull our hair out.

We are looking for one great player to complete our raiding team: a Monk or Druid tank with an agility dps offspec. We don't have any other agi leather wearers in our group, and only one hunter, so it should be easy to get gear.

We raid 11-2 PST (server time) Saturday and Sunday. We don’t keep bench warmers on our roster, so great attendance is important to us.

If you’re interested in our group, please contact Alawyn (Alawyn#1755) or Ambríel (Autoriot#1673).
Still Looking :)

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