[RP] The strange visitor

Wyrmrest Accord
December 2
Fairbreeze Village

Dear sister,

The strangest person came through the village yesterday. A pandaren, with an ugly white goat. We'd heard about the pandaren but I had yet to see one! Anyways, she said her name was Meiyune Hafbasket, but to call her Mei. She talked a lot.

Mei said she was an explorer and she was selling a lot of things she'd found out while exploring. I got to look at her things and she had a lot of neat stuff! Most of it was from the trolls in Stranglethorn though. She said she'd just gotten back from there. But she had coins that the different tribes used, and a voodoo doll, and this creepy fetish with a skull and glowing eyes. She told me not to touch that one.

We didn't end up buying anything from her but a few people did. But she told a lot of stories about the stuff she'd seen while being an adventurer like you! Only she's traveled more than you. She said she was from this place in Pandaria called Kun-Lai, with a huge mountain. She also said that in Stranglethorn she almost got put in troll jail! I think that's a lot cooler than what you do now.

Anyways, Mei said that she'd be leaving the village in the morning and continuing on the road. I think she'll come back someday, though, she said she likes it here. She's going through the Ghostlands and going to the chapel which is why I wrote this letter! I figured you might want to know, and she seems like she'd be a bit of a slow traveler. She ate a lot and slept even more.

Oh, I guess I should ask how you're doing. Did you get rid of the undead yet? WIll you come home soon? Write back this time!



Okay, that letter up there is just a short introduction to Meiyune here. I've posted a topic about this idea before, but now that I've racechanged my mage and settled on an idea and character I think I'm finally ready to actually do it!

Meiyune is an explorer and learner, but first a foremost, a traveling merchant. It's how she affords a living! She specializes in arcane and historical goods, which she finds a lot of on her travels.

I'll be taking Meiyune to the capitals and beyond, RPing her various stops in settlements along the way. And anyone's welcome to stop be on the roads or elsewhere! She will always be in character unless I'm obviously leveling.

And Alliance characters, don't be shy. She may be Horde, but Meiyune's more of a neutral person at heart. You just can't stay neutral the whole time c: If you'd like to add me for cross faction RP, my battletag is Muireanne#1528.


Also, I'm currently, as the letter says, traveling between Silvermoon and Light's Hope.
I'd... I'd like to roleplay with you sometime.

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