Raiders Looking for new home. Lock, Ele, Prot

Three players from a dissolved PVE raiding team looking for a new guild on Stormreaver.
We are looking for a guild that raids after 9pm server, Tues-Thurs and has room for 2 rdps and tank. We are MSV experienced and previously experienced PVE raiders. More information upon request. wowtrack for more info, and pst
<Dark Àssassins> Is a late night raiding guild that raids 11:45 pm - 3 am server on Tuesday - Thursday. we are 6/6 msv experienced and 1/6 experienced in hof. We have 3 open slots for our raid team and you can apply at

One question is does your tank have a dps spec because our tanks are pretty solid on attendance and it would be counter productive to have 3 tanks.
At the moment our tank does not have a dps spec. I will bring it up with them, and if they are okay with those raid times, we will put in apps on your site. I will address the dps offset as well.
Thanks for the response

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