My name is Healcannon. I've been on Garona for a little while. I moved here from Shadow Council at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, and moved back off of it to Area 52 at the end. At the beginning of Cataclysm I came back. It's nice to see all the people still here, it's always been a friendly server. People like Coeptis, Untrax, and other PVP friends with too many alts to name. This post is just a re-hello to all the people I used to raid with and pvp with, and a hello to all the new faces I see. ( '-')b

There are still horde on Garona??
Hi :)
Yeah there are like 10 or 12 of us, it's nuts!
Hi Cat!

Yea she is actually crap to PvP with, she was horrible. However, she has a sexy/sultry phone sex operator type of voice so at least it was fun listening to her b!tch about PvP.
Hahah mentioned Untrax, PvP and Friendly in the same story...must be new here.
I'm very friendly to all PvPers who want to learn and improve. I just have an issue with the career 1800 players who know more than me even though they came to me asking for advice.

But if you listen and are willing to learn I'm very nice to PvP with in the lower bracket, laugh in skype together and enjoy some fun... example: I'm doing games with you Reker.

If you wouldve said career 1900player...... Buuuut i can i use a certain somebodys method & round up from my highest rating being 1934 up to 2k right?
Anywho without me who do you have? An MIA paintrain? Or that dru...nvm thats pain aswell.

Who else would i have those classic arena matches with where id trade you a health stone after you used yours & i was oom. Or those amazing bgs where you know to fight til the very end cause that Lay on hands will come out of nowhere. /tear

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