Good professions for a Shadow Priest

I need good professions for my main for PvP I don't want tailoring and enchanting because I already have a level 40 warlock with a good amount invested in each. Currently I have mining and jewel crafting. In was thinking herb and alchemy, but I want to make another alt and I can't decide between warrior or a Druid, so if I go Druid I'll go herb and alchemy for fast herb farming. So I need 2 reletivly cheap professions. Thanks
I believe the best professions for a PvP shadow priest right now are BS (640 PvP Power) and engineering (mini-burst of int on 1 min cooldown). They are not cheap however.

If you want cheap, herbalism for the on-use haste and either alchemy or inscription for the 320 intellect.

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