coming back

how is it?
don't do it! All I can say is: dailies.......
haha! I R immune to yer dailies.

I really just want to LFG super casual play.
It's beautiful.
Pet battles.

The ultimate super casual thing.

(Please save me from them.)
12/03/2012 11:11 PMPosted by Schwert
(Please save me from them.)

Alright! Just give me all your rare pets! :D
:O I knows you.

I'm with Schwert (who I swear is EVERYWHERE I GO). Save us from Pet Battles. They're way more addicting than I ever thought possible.

For casual players, it's actually quite nice, from what I've experienced.
LOL, no for real though there are quite a few things that are quite good. :D Come on back, try it out.
It's very refreshing from the nothing-to-do Cataclysm design. Even though I have all these dailies across my 5 90s, I always have SOMETHING productive I could be doing. I'm enjoying it!

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