[H] 473 Fury Warrior LF Raiding Guild

Guild Recruitment
473 Fury Warrior LF Raiding Guild

I have past experience clearing heroic modes in tier 11, 12 and 13 but got a late
start to the expansion and need to catch up.

I'm available to raid Monday - Friday between 7 - 11pm EST.

[H] Sympathy of Turalyon (PvE)

Sympathy was established in April 2012 when we moved horde from our former alliance counterpart (Apathy) to get the attention of better players. Unfortunately, we got off to a rocky start with the new 25M and are in dire need of exceptional players. Our 2 10 mans have been established for quite some time and our 25M is going through its filtering stage currently so we'll be ready to push harder through the next tier with more competent and skilled raiders. Raid spots are competitive so don't think you'll pass trial and get to be lazy. We want to keep raising the bar and pushing harder.

We currently need any and all amazing DPS who don't stand in !@#$ and follow directions!

25M Raid Schedule:
8-11 EST Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and sometimes Monday.

10s currently not recruiting.

Websites of Interest:
- http://sympathy.rancidracing.com/
- http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Sympathy

Please apply online so me and my officers can look over it as we get a chance. I've been really busy lately and hunting me down online before raid times is almost impossible.

If you need to get in contact with me, add my battletag: Sieara#1968 or email me: nintendobratkat@yahoo.com since my phone gets my emails.
If you can raid later...

Margaritaville (10/16) is currently recruiting talented DPS.

We are a group of hardcore-minded players raiding on a casual schedule. We raid 10-man Tuesday/Thursday/Monday from 8:15-11:45 PM Pacific on US-Ner'zhul.

We may only raid twice a week, but when we get in to raid we take a very serious approach and get things done. Our goal for this tier is to clear 16/16 H, never straying too far behind the progression curve, while maintaining our lighter schedule.

If you're interested in serious progression on a lighter schedule, I'd love to chat:

Battle Tag - Loonpok#1835 (me, GM), Kevoh#1574 (Raid Lead), Superbad#1835 (Recruitment Officer)
Google Talk & Email - nslooney@gmail.com (best during work hours)

Apply at: http://margaritaville.wowstead.com

Hello Grive, we are in need of a DPS warrior. We got a late start, only now getting another tank dedicated enough to push content. We are building a solid group of raiders to kick@$$ in future tiers, and that involves finding a good plate melee. We are using the current tier to get use to each other, and get our coordination right. We are currently 6/6 MV and 2/6 HoF.

We have been raiding together 6+ years. We were a top 250US guild (BC/Wrath) and are looking to get back into that form. Some of our members have raided in top 50 world guilds. There are no personal attacks in vent but you will get called out and removed if necessary for messing up. We are a really tight group that takes guild life casual, laid back, and raiding serious. We don't want to treat the game like a second job.

Guild: Zero Coordination
Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-10pm CST
Type: Mature Semi-Hardcore 25 man raiding guild
Website: http://www.zerocoordination.com
Guild/Raid leader Realid/Battle Tag: Ecnarongi#1567

Please send all inquires to our GL, Ecnarongi, in game or Realid or contact an officer: Asculapius, Ninjette, Pretend, Tashalynn, Etend or Guuon.
Beware Spam!

[A]Nocturnal@Moonrunner (Updated on 12/6/12)

Current progression: 1/6H(6/6N) MSV, 4/6N HoF and 0/4 Terrace.
Desired DPS Recruitment: Hunter (BM/SV), Death Knight (Frost) or Warrior (Fury)
Desired Heal Recruitment: Priest (Holy/Disc), Paladin or Shaman

**Please note that we are currently recruiting replacements for short time fillers and/or lower geared players. Nocturnal is currently raiding full time and hasn't missed a step at this time.

Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday from 10:00p to 2:00a EST (7p to 11p Pacific.)

What we expect:
-90% Attedance & On Time
-Appropriate consumables with you and repaired
-Know your class
-Know the fights (via research)
-In it for the long haul - think and thin

What you should expect:
-Good progression for the limited amount of raid time.
-Help from the guild via enchants/consumables
-A tight knit, sturdy guild
-Mature Shenanigans
-An occaionsal 3rd night for only 1 hour (to press progression, when farm is on, we raid basically as little as possible)
-Extremely good players parsing higher than most people with more gear than them

Quick recap on Nocturnal: Prior to 12/01/12 we have raided only 6 hours per week. Considering the amount of content we already progressed through, it's fairly impressive. Nocturnal's pull/kill ratio is truly superb and ousted by few. At the end of October, we began to have some roster issues. Otherwise, we'd be much more progressed. The Thanksgiving holiday and a vacation by two raid members didn't help the cause either. However, now we're back in overdrive and ready to press onwards to heroics. Nocturnal is predicting a 15/16 or 16/16 by the end of next raid week.

If you're interested, please feel free to respond to us at http://nocturnal.wowstead.com or email us at nocturnal.moonrunner@gmail.com. My battle net ID is #Femto1152. **Also please note that well qualified players can expect 1 month gifted game time after sufficient raiding/attendance/performance to help with their cost to server transfer and or facton change.

<Blitz> is forming a new 10M raid raid team! Thats right, we havent killed a single raid boss in MOP. However, before you go to the next recruitment post or check out the next guild, I ask you to take a moment and see what we have to offer.

We are currently looking for players of all walks of life. Its that simple, at this time, we have a need for anyone who is looking to raid. Experienced? Great! New to raiding? Great! (as long as you are willing to learn)

About <Blitz>
* The core of the guild is a group of real life friends/family who have been gaming together 6+ years and have successfully led a guild in the past. We are all what we would call "older" players. Married, with children, Jobs and other real world priorities.
* We have an older, calmer, player base, so our guild chat won't hurt your eyes, and our
Mumble won't hurt your ears. Our guild members are respectful and easy to get along with.
* Our raiding is limited between 6 - 9 nine hours per week, so you'll have plenty of time for RL activities.
* We need people for full-time raiding positions, so you'll be right in the action every night.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday - Fun Night (Farmed Bosses, Old Content, Achievements) - 9PM - 12AM EST
Thursday - Progression Night - 9PM - 12PM EST
Sunday - Progression Night - 9PM - 12PM EST

Note: We will require that raiders commit to Thursday / Sunday raid schedule. Tuesday is optional.

In Summary..
We are havent started raiding yet and we arent and will not be a top end raiding guild. However if your looking for a fun relaxed adult environment with the chance of joining a guild and being a part of first boss kills then we are the place for you.

If you want more information or details you can contact me by any of the following means:

1. Vist our website ==> http://blitz.guildlaunch.com
2. Contact: Twothree, Seven or any officer in game
3. Email: Touchdown23@Gmail.com
4. Battle Tag: Toothree#1578
Hey if you can raid an hour later.

<Lucid> is a 10 man guild looking for dedicated raiders to fill our 10 man groups.

Raid Times (PST)
(Main Raid)
Tues- 7:00-9:00
Wed- 7:00-9:00
Thurs- 7:00-9:00

(Alt Raid)
Sun- 5:00-8:00
Alt Raids are set up for people who cannot make it to main raid or are not invited. Mains who are not invited to main raid will have first priority on invites, but not at the expense of group balance.

We are currently recruiting any and all classes.

Battletag: dphammer#1762
Website: Lucid-guild.net

If you have any question please feel free to add me to battletag or post your questions on here.
We'll have you raiding this evening. Realid cjeanty777@gmail.com -- Text me and we'll chat.


<God Complex> 25m [6/6 MV] [2/6 HF]


>>Currently Recruiting<<

**Regardless of what we need, all applications will be looked over carefully, as we are always looking to strengthen our raiding team no matter what**

We are located on Dark Iron and to those looking to change servers, consider our server and our guild as a place to setup a new home. <God Complex> is raid-centric experienced community guild looking for more members to develop and coach into seasoned Raiders to strengthen our 25 man core raid group.

Dark Iron Server is PVP with a rich history, centered around PAA. Server is based in California, and server runs off of PST.

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 5:30pm-8:30pm ST & Sunday 4:30 – 8:30p ST
Recruiting: Open to all classes
Progression: 6/6 MV ; 2/6 HoF
Server: Dark Iron
What is expected:

1. Attendance. It means nothing for you to be fully prepped to raid if you aren't in the instance and ready when we pull. There will always be unavoidable situations, but if I can't rely on you then I will find someone to replace you.

2. Homework. Today's community has made it very easy to have a solid if not excellent grasp on fight mechanics before you zone in the first time. The officer corps and I will do what we can to compile sources, but ultimate responsibility is with the individual raider.
3. Performance. I'm not asking for logs, meters, or references. If you can make attendance and are willing to commit to playing your character the best you can, then you're the kind of player I want.


Our current emphasis is rounding out our 25 man raid team for MoP raiding.

>>Raid times are Tues Wed thurs 5:30 ST to 8:30 ST and Sunday 4:30 ST to 8:30 ST and looking more raiders to join our core squad. Interested in all classes. -- We expect you to be able attend 3/4 raid nights<<

Those interested specifically in raiding, PST me or my officer Anax Battletags: Tuceg#1716, DrGee#1137 or visit TheCorp.enjin.com

>>Currently Recruiting<<

**Regardless of what we need, all applications will be looked over carefully, as we are always looking to strengthen our raiding team no matter what**

CEO Speakease


Hey there! I know we're Alliance, but maybe you'll make an exception :)

I am the GM of the guild <Of Hells Design> here on Whisperwind, a PVE Alliance dominated server. We are presently looking to finish our last few slots for our CORE 25man raiding team. We are a serious group of raiders and friends who love WoW and want to clear all of the content ASAP! Being the serious guild that we are we also enjoy having a laid back atmosphere where everyone can feel welcome. We're a little crazy like any family but that is what we love about being here together in game. We can be ourselves with no worries about being judged or ridiculed. We enjoy doing achievements, pvp, playing League of Legends, and more!

Of course exceptional players of any class won't be turned away for consideration.

Raid times:
Tuesday: 7/7:30pm CST to about 11pm
Wednesday: 7/7:30pm CST to about 11pm
Thursday: 7/7:30pm CST to about 11pm
Monday: 8pm to about 11pm (Occasional last push days)

If you would like to speak to someone in guild management, they are listed below.

Guild Website: http://ofhellsdesign.shivtr.com/
Guild Email: ofhellsdesign@gmail.com
GM: Ysosrslawl (real id: thegod526@gmail.com)
Skype: Y.so.srs
Next in Command:Whoopy (real id: halewyse@hotmail.com)
Server: Blackrock - PvP - PST - Los Angeles Datacenter - High Pop - Horde
Battlegroup: Bloodlust
Guild LvL: 25
Raid Size: 25 Man
Current Progress: MV 6/6 0/6H HoF 0/6 0/6H ToES 1/4 0/4H

Supernova does not classify ourselves as a hardcore guild, but more a relaxed progression guild. As we spend a lot of time playing this game, we want Supernova to be an environment in which we enjoy spending that time, and seeing end game content while still current. We take our guild’s social cohesion seriously, and we believe that it’s often the single most important force behind our team’s success. Hence, we’re seeking team oriented players who understand that it’s often necessary to put Guild needs before individual wants.

Our current Raid schedule:
Wed/Thrus 7:00pm - 10:00pm Server Time (pst)

We are always recruiting skilled and dedicated players, regardless of class. We do not accept applicants for bench spots. You will have a fair opportunity to show us what you have. During this period, we evaluate trial raiders based on their attitude, attendance, skill level, situational awareness, and cohesiveness with the guild as a whole. We only recruit main spec only.

Current needs:
Tanks: Closed
Healers: Closed
Rdps: Hunter, Lock
Melee: Warrior

1. 18+ years old.
2. Mumble & working mic.
3. Extensive raiding experience, high skill level, extensive knowledge of raiding and class mechanics, high raid awareness.
4. Able to maintain a minimum of 95% raid attendance.
5. Research every boss fight BEFORE stepping foot into it. Boss strategies will be posted in our member forums.
6. We expect you to be a member of our guild, not just someone who shows up for raids and then disappears the next 4 days. We don't expect you to spend all of your time on WoW. That's not what we are about. However, checking the guild website regularly is required, and we would prefer you make an effort to get to know your fellow guildies. The closer we are with each other, the better the team we will be.

How to Apply:
- Go to www.supernovaguild.org
- Read the Guild Information
- Provide us with a detailed application, and do not leave any fields blank. If you do not have any of the requested items (logs, screenshot, etc) then make sure you get them before applying.

For Additional Information:
Officers: Mabuhai or Beradon

For more information and to make an application please visit:

Note: If no one is available, ask someone in guild as the chances are some one may be on a alt that will be able to speak with you.
Still looking.

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