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Looking for experienced players of elemental shamans to help me out with my rotation? No matter what I do, my DPS is so frigging low. -_- My guild leader suggests that my rotation may need changing, but he's never had an ele shaman

I know gear helps and that's being worked on as fast as it can, but in the mean time I figured I'd take a crack at this.

Link some logs
I see a spirit to hit reforge, and something was reforged to crit. This early in gear crit is going to be useless, when you start getting mastery high enough that you really don't need more start getting crit, otherwise hit cap>mastery>haste>crit.

Take a look here:
Please let us know what kind of rotation/priority queue you are using currently.
Here you go:
Your rotation is also affected by your tier 6 talent you chose. If you went with elem blast or unleashed elem, then your rotation becomes a bit more complex. I you think you're having trouble with your rotation, you may want to go with primal elem to help simplify things. Make sure that you are timing your CDs with you ascendence as well... That will help give you a solid boost
you need to take some time and read the elemental guide sticky.

currently your rotation is probably the least of your problems.

youre in pvp gear, youre using the wrong gems. you have no enchants, you reforged spirit into hit (spirit = hit for ele shamans), you should reforge out of crit not into it, you arent even close to the hit cap, youre using a healer trinket, etc.
Here you go:

Thank you! This is really helpful, I had no idea it existed. :-)

12/04/2012 06:27 AMPosted by Samish
youre in pvp gear,

As I said, gear is being worked on as fast as I can. I also like to do a spot of PVPing every now and then, so I do have a set of PVP gear. I'm in the process of upgrading to some decent raid-level PVE gear so it's a bit all over the place right now.

As for the gems, do you have any suggestions? I thought these were fine, I mean there's an intel. boost from having them in, and it's not like they are geared towards Hunters or Warriors or something, so....?
Not to mention also with mana issues, if you have your lightning shield up, they go away!!! NEVER use water shield as ele
Thank you all so much, you've been really helpful. ^_^ Done me some reforging, got quite a few other things on my list now. Already notice a difference, so thanks :-)

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