Need help figuring out how CRZ works w/ RP

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The mechanics have completely stumped me. Is there any way I can read up on how the crz matches people? Because it's driving me insane how to group people up to get cross realm zone RP working.

My group was trying to do cross faction+cross realm RP in Hearthglen where we ran into our problems. 2 Alliance MG and 1 WrA Horde, using battle tags had no problem getting it to work. To help get cross faction CRZ to work we make sure that there is an extra account on one of the faction's sides and that all accounts are battle tagged with each other. It was with the addition of a 90 Horde WrA that made things go sour.

We tried lots of things.
Zoning out and rezoning.
Logging out and relogging.
Switching up the order everyone logged in.
Changing our secondary account from Horde to Alliance.

It didn't work. So we have begun to wonder if, CRZ follows the realm/phase that has the highest level character in the party? (Because it sure isn't whoever the party leader is)

If you know anything about how CRZ works, post it!
I think you will have better luck sending this to the general forums. I hate CRZ with a passion as do a lot of people. But the blues do nothing here and if there is a problem they won't see it here.

I do suggest making out a ticket, and to all who are experiencing problems I suggest the same. Until the makers of the game see how much trouble it is from people in game, they will not fix it. Right now the forums are full of people hating it, so much so that they locked the threads.
I'm not 100% sure how it determines what realm you're on. It used to transport you to the party leader's realm, but people abused that to kill world raid bosses several times a day so they changed it.

I do know that level matters, if you're 85 and the other person is 90, you will go to their server. The number of people also matter, if most people are on one particular server, it will move the others to their server. I don't know if the number of players trumps level, though.

Like, if there are 4 level 40s on one server, and only one level 90 from another server, I'm not sure which server it's going to put you on.

But I do know that level and the number of people on one particular server do matter when it's trying to decide what server to put you on. Whoever is party leader doesn't have any bearing.


12/03/2012 10:02 PMPosted by Sydric
I do suggest making out a ticket, and to all who are experiencing problems I suggest the same.

I do not suggest you make a ticket. A forum search or post in the Customer Service, General, or Tech Support forums will probably net better results than a ticket would. And that's just one more useless ticket that clogs up the already-overloaded ticket system. A GM would probably just reply they aren't allowed to give game hints.

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