US version Compatible with AUS?

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would the expansions in the US work on the australian game? my game regions says that its:

Americas & Oceania (US)

so if i happen to buy a copy of MoP in the US and import it to Australia, would i still be able to play on the oceanic servers with the previous expansions
I won't say it from any position of authority, but it should work just fine.

Oceanic servers are really only Oceanic in name and timezone. They're still hosted in the US, alongside the various North American realms. That you can access both them and the NA realms at the same time with the same license and client is also further indication that it should work.
thank you very much, ive bought the cata expansion from the US in the past and it works perfectly fine with my version that was purchased in Australia, im hoping MoP works the same way
The oceanic version is exactly the same as the US version. You wont have any issues.
thank you, i just got worried after seeing an oceanic only version which caught mye by surprised as i always thought that the US and Oceania Realm are in the same region

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