XP SP3 >Windows 7?

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Basically, I have a really cheap laptop, that has Windows 7 on it. now i get roughly 15fps in org, 25-30 in wide open areas, and 8-12 in lfr, all on lowest specs possible. and I was wondering if I downgraded to windows xp, if it would help any? Now I'm pretty sure it wont, casue my cpu and gpu are junk, but it was just a thought and I was wondering if that's a possibility or not?
It wouldn't, actually

Since you are hardware limited, changing OS won't really help.
Your OS doesn't make much difference when it comes to performance. Maybe if your game is using some fancy DX11 stuff, but for a game like WoW it doesn't matter much at all.

Your framerate is bad because you have a really cheap laptop. You can try updating drivers, lowering all your graphics settings, and all that but at the end of the day you've still got cheap hardware.
True True, alright thanks everyone. Guess it's time to update to bigger and better things :)
On a side note, desktops are better for gaming in general because you are not limited in the hardware you can use. And it's cheaper and easier to upgrade a desktop than to buy a brand new laptop.
Typically the newest operating system will result in the fastest possible performance, though as others have said it is negligible for WoW.

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