[H] <RUI> LF a Tank/DPS for ToT Progression

RUI is a 10m raiding guild currently working to quickly progress through the new Throne of Thunder raid. We enjoy a friendly environment as we raid, while also staying focused on progression. Our first Raiding Core ("Core 1") is looking for exceptional and dedicated Frost DK, Blood DK, or Protection Warrior to join us for ToT Progression! We are currently 6/12.

Currently Recruiting:
  • a Frost DK
  • a Blood DK
  • a Protection Warrior

    • Past Raid Progression (during current tier):
      • 12/12 Tier 11 (pre-nerf)
      • 6/7H FL w/META Achievement
      • 8/8H Dragon Soul w/Meta Achievement
      • 4/16H Tier 14 (did not raid from January til the release of 5.2)

      Raid Schedule:
    • Core 1 currently raids Friday & Saturday from 12m - 4am EST (server time)

    Raiding Benefits include:
  • Potions are provided to all Core Raiders
  • Guild Repairs
  • A respectful and relaxed, yet progression driven raiding environment

If Interested, Please apply online at RUI.enjin.com by visiting our "Application" page!

For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Mehilovich, Midori, or Phistykups (please direct all in-game mail to Mehilovich).

Thank you!!!
Looking for a talented warlock to help us as we progress quickly through heroic mode encounters!
What does "Bump" mean..?
Come be our tank or Frost DK!
Still recruiting a talented tank or Frost DK!

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