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"Brawlers Guild is super limited to begin with."

"Brawlers Guild will fake being packed until it isn't super limited."

11/28/2012 06:21 PMPosted by Orakio
If this is your First post in Brawler's Guild forums, you HAVE to fight

Oh yeah? Well so's yer old man!
this should stabilize in time and likely automatically disable CRZ for the guild.

Or you could just, you know, make it work the way it's supposed to. You told us flat out that this was supposed to have a focus on realm community here. Involving the CRZ system at all is face palm inducingly counter intuitive.

You literally stated that the goal of Brawler's Guild was Thing A and then launched Thing B. I don't know how you think this is acceptable, even if it is supposed to "fix itself over time".

Next time you decide you want to do something that focuses on individual servers; don't include other servers. It's that simple.

You're not intended to fight these mobs without interference from spectators.
11/28/2012 07:30 PMPosted by Eloderung
You're not intended to fight these mobs without interference from spectators.

I thought they removed the ability to interfere?

People seemed to be doing ok when I peeked in there earlier, while doing the quest to recruit the guy for the Shieldwall operation. Rank 4 fights and no interference that I saw.
Around ten minutes or above according to Blizzard's desire is one thing but when queues are 35+ (and sometimes more with first timers cutting in line) it is another thing. It doesn't build community to have a bunch of random people from crossrealm zones in the area sometimes. It WOULD foster community to have our own realm only there and to be able to get more fights in and more assistance from our own players. Just my two cents..
11/28/2012 06:14 PMPosted by Zarhym

I'm almost certain that this little tidbit wasn't mentioned prior to the patch. You guys really need to be a little more forthcoming in your notes about some of this stuff.

On the bright side... I saved gold on an invitation. The one person in my guild that I'm aware of who has purchased an invitation was seriously ticked over wasting his gold.


[sigh... my grammar are bad tonight]
Yeah CRZ needs to go for this feature (In General but hey-ho).

You want it to be nice and limited, but you pack it anyways.. what's the point of the ramp up time if nothing will essentially change?

The ball... you've dropped it.
Loving this feature. but i have to say. going from 2nd in line to 4th in line for 30 minutes is pretty ridiculous.
CRZ is just bad. I'm kinda glad they added it to the brewers guild. That way everyone gets to experience it.
Still over 10 deep in queue and just passed the hour mark. This is ludicrous. Fix please Blizz because Brawlers is fun when you actually get in.
I just posted about this, I hate to be the one to brng you really bad news but its day2 and I have been waiting almost 50 min for a match. There are so many waiting in que the bouncer told me he lost count of the number ahead of me, nothing but a time dump here folks move along......
I am glad that I did not spend any gold on this stupid thing. I was lucky to get it from a rare and after 1 fight I can clearly see that it is a waste.
Any word on how the queues work? Apparently new people get priority over people that have been running for a while? I'm rank 7th and I've been 6th in queue for about 15 rounds...actually I just dropped to 7th...

I mean...trying to disperse it is cool and all...but I'm sick of Bruce.
Every time I read a blizzard topic about the brawler's guild, my enthusiasm for it dies some more.

I loved the idea, but I'm not going anywhere near it if it's going to be like this. :/
I understand the reason for the crz technically, but I am also seeing so many immature people outright flaming people and throwing foul language to the point that it has to be breaking terms of conduct. At least if this was just your server, people would be more likely to be civil. They can still talk smack, but it would be with people you are familair with rather than complete strangers. It's like playing call of duty on xbox in there right now. So many 12 year old and alone adults who have no idea how to act.
Translation = we are working hard to think of how to add small time sinks to each and every activity you do to drag things out, you will take longer to run out of things to do and you will like it!!!
11/28/2012 06:14 PMPosted by Zarhym
The feature is designed to bring a decent population into the guild, and those people should spend at least a modest amount of time as spectators or loiterers before getting into the ring.
Huh? Patch notes said you have to fight on your first time in. Did I misread? Misunderstand? Hotfix?

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