Holy Paladin LF guild

I played over here during early Cata and liked the server a lot. I eventually ended up back on Stormrage, but since its EST, the raid times are all too early for me. So I'm back!

I'm currently ilvl 470 and just started raiding 3 weeks ago so my progression is only 4/6 in MSV but I have a long, fruitful raiding history.

You can find me on my battletag Yankri#1458.
Hi there!

Our guild, Thrash, is specifically looking for a Holy Paladin to fill out our 10 man raiding group. We are currently at the same level of progression as you. If you end up on Hyjal as Horde, please feel free to contact myself or Mmurrggll.
Check out enragedwow.com. We are 6/6MV, 1/6HoF, and raid T/Th 7-10p. We are looking for a talented, reliable holy paladin.
Bump. My gear is now up to 474 ilvl.
Hello Czar.

Culture Shock is currently 2/4 ToES, and always looking for dedicated raiders that enjoy weekend raiding.
Our core progression team raids on Saturday and Sunday evenings. What sets us apart from other guilds is that I encourage competitive raid spots. If you are doing your job better than a someone in a similar role in our core group, you can be considered for their spot (if you so desire.)
Our new raider group runs on Friday evenings, and it's a good place to put new raiders to evaluate them. We are slowly getting enough raid ready toons in the guild that we may even try some 25 man raiding in the near future. Look up anyone in Culture Shock in game, they can put you in touch with me or one of my officers.

Have a nice evening,
Paragon is also looking for a healer. We're 6/6 MV, 2/6 HoF. Raid times are 9pm to midnight, server time (Pacific time), Tues/Thurs/Sun.

I'm happy to talk more if you are interested (ventrilo is an option). My battle tag is Grum#1601.
"The Defiant" is currently looking for a H Pally if you are in search for a home still. We raid Friday and Saturday 6-9pm and Sunday 5-8. 1/6 h 6/6 3/4.
<Leviathan> is currently looking for a healer for fri-sun 5-9pm server time. We are currently 6/6/ and 1/6HoF and looking to get that last solid person pst or in game mail me or drop an app on leviathan1000.guildlaunch.com! Hope to speak to you soon
Hey Czar! Cröwn is currently in neeeeeeed of a good holy pally. We raid friday and saturdats at 7-10. Our 5.1 progression is 6/6 4/6 and 1/6 elite and are looking to come into 5.2 hard and progress through it all. We would love to have you and if your still not sure please just apply on our site www.crownofhyjal.enjin.com alright cool!! thx :)

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