Boomkin 1 Shot

It's bad to macro everything together. You need 2 stages of cooldowns.
Activate Starfall before lunar eclipse.
-Lunar eclipse-
Activate Incarnation, Nature's Vigil, Starfall, Trinket, Lifeblood etc.
-Lunar Eclipse ends-
Activate Celestial Alignment to continue your eclipse and Starfall/multi dot.

The damage bonus from CA refers to eclipse, it doesn't stack with eclipse so you don't want to use it straight away.
Was it me? Full burst everything with jade serpent potion and 400% dmg. This done when jade spirit and trinket are up. I facerolled today like 5 peeps at once in the bg with carts.
Considering it was necro'd from like a year ago, unlikely.
lol, I gave up on balance again due to lack of any dps, my mage with 518 gear level will regularly out dps my 543 geared balance druid. If there is any movement in a fight it is even worse.

Granted I don't pvp but in pve my guild won't let me go as boomkin because the dps is so abysmal compared to my other toons or going feral. And no it is not L2P, boomkin are near the bottom on dps even with the top tear gear, let alone how sucky they do in anything that requires movement.

quite amusing you say they are that powerful in PVP to me. I wish it was so in PVE because I like to play him as balance but alas until Blizz pulls there rear out concerning boomers it won't happen.
Fear the Chickins!
It's called cd stacking. Really cool stuff.
Kneel to your owl overlords.

Just gonna quote myself here.

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