[A]<Mammoth> 6/6H MSV 1/6HoF 16/16 Recruiting

<Mammoth> is a previously horde side 10 man guild that has decided to take a more serious approach to raiding. We feel our core are more than capable of performing at the same level with the best Oceanic has to offer, and we are hoping the move to Alliance will open up many opportunities for us to complete our already strong roster. We are currently seeking:

- Warlock
- Resto/Balance Druid
- Mistweaver Monk
- Holy/Disc Priest

All exceptional players will be considered regardless of current recruitment needs, especially ranged.

Raids begin at 9:30pm server on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Equibus, Mirrored, Arrithh or myself Katesbush in game.
Website: http://theblueskull.net/ndf/
Who is kate, and why is her bush so important?
Total fkn babes.
Update: Block tank and Hunter found just looking for 1-2 more ranged to start raiding this week!
Found a shadow priest still looking for a Warlock and a Balance druid to round out the roster.
Up, 4/6 H MSV
Best guild on server. Get these knts a good warlock for fks sake.
Up for warlock and 5/6H
Up for healers
1/6 H HoF, 5/6 H MSV
Bump for a bunch of cuties.
I need a good transmog set
All in good time mate, all in good time...
Up for 6/6 MSV
Up and coming champions of the muthafkn world baby.
oO Late Start Times!
Dreaded alliance Cosma!

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