Priests in the Brawler's Arena

I am Disc and have killed 16/17 in disc so far. only 2 have come close to the enrage timer
I'm having difficulties on Battletron as well. It isnt a survival issue, its the enrage. I get him to about 20% and hit enrage every time!
It's an ilvl issue. Even I barely scraped enrage at ilvl 495
I did Battletron at 491. I found Divine Star helped as my last tier talent. Also, remember you can be directly in front of an orb when you begin a cast and so long as the orb moves out of the way before your cast completes it will not blow up.

Good luck.
I can't seem to get past the Leper Gnome Quintet.... Anyone have any tips?
Yeah, don't Multidot.

Blow CDs at the start. Pick one and burn it down asap, then move on to the next

AoE fear and Void Tendrils are useful.
As a discipline priest with ilevel 481, I managed to get to the end of rank 3. I ran into the enrage time at 30% (1.5 million) health left on the first boss of rank 4. I could probably get him to 25% with slightly better playing, and probably 10-15% with a flask and raid buffs. But to progress further I'm going to need gear upgrades and/or a spec change.
Yea, you definitely wont be able to do the rank 7 bosses as Disc lol. They're great on gg engineering though. Just stand on top of one of the goblins and let the rockets do the work for you while you heal the damage.
How are other Priests faring on rank 8 bosses? I'm 491 and don't feel like 3 of 4 fights are even possible.

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