Streaming 2200+ RPS


Trying to advocate that rogues are fine, as well as disc priests!

90% of Warriors are successful, 10% baddies I suppose

5% of Rogues are successful? 95% of Rogues are baddies?

I think not!
Briicke your a lvl 1 goblin ho, what happened?
Saw some of the feed enjoyed it very much. Tried out both combat readiness and nerve strike, saw pros and cons for using either or. Looking forward to seeing more.
rogues are fine, but the gear inflation isn't. You get 2 shoted if you are in dreadful vs epic pvp gear
Starting up the stream now, will be playing RPS soon.

Answering any questions/going through macros atm.
smooth criminal
Guys, this is worth the watch, all your Rogue questions will be answered by him. Hes online right now!
Shaman is just finishing setting up binds and then we should be good to queue.

2200+ 3s Coming up soon!
Nessper is good. Makes a good point about crit stacking and how far too many people rely on theorycrafting, which models PvE, instead of experience when it comes to PvP.
Yea, I am NEVER giving out my real ID (well...if I knew it I wouldnt...not sure if I do atm)

I like to remain as anonymous as possible. Because people on the forums can take things WAAAAAY too seriously.


I'll put mine on here. Contact if ya want... I would love to find more people to run BG's with... especially RBGs.

Great stuff. Helpful guy. I would recommend watching.
Very nice stream. Answered chat and responded with well thought thorough answers. I would suggest watching this player. Nice music and fair stream quality plus a lot to learn!
Done streaming for the night, thank you to everyone who watched!

I peaked at around 50-something viewers today, and I plan on streaming every day to hopefully keep up this minor success.

Thank you again, and please leave all feedback here for future reference.
Just saw your recorded games. Congrats. I like how you played relaxed even when you died or when your partner did some mistakes. I think that's the right mindset...wich I don't have.

Keep the good work.
Nessper is pretty cool guy. He feints all the time because he's scared of everything.
Streaming 2200 RPS atm, finally getting 3s in!
"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CRIT"

Nessper, I followed your advice and retooled crit over the mastery I was sporting....AWESOME advice, thanks much!

Folks, once you start kicking the crit with SUB you will see a difference, I feel like with my opening I have some real burst again.

Nessper, hats off to you sir!
Very nice stream and personality. Congrats on 2300 today!
You da man nessper, ty for the awesome stream. Unlike many high rated rogues you actually explain what youre doing when youre doing it. keep up the good work

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