Reputation bonus - still have to grind?

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I was so happy when they added the rep bonus - thank you! I am on my way to exalted with August Celestials and a 28 slot bag recipe.

On my new 90 however I just hit honored with Shado-Pan after completing the townlong steppes quest and guess what - no daily quests...

Do I still need to grind away the Golden Lotus one more time (albeit at a faster rate) to open up Shado-Pan even though the original requirement was just to be honored?

Did I miss something?

Thank you.
You need to get to revered with each faction and THEN purchase the rep commendation from each factions quartermaster and 'use' it to enable the faction rep bonus on the alts in your account.

Until you buy and use the rep commendation its business as usual.
I already have the badges and have used them for every faction. I am already getting the rep reward - hence the fact I am honored with Shado Pan already. My understanding was in order to do shado-pan dailies you had to be honored - which I am, yet there are no dailies.

So, do I still need to get all the way to revered with Golden Lotus to do Shado-pan dailies?
The requirement to get revered with Golden Lotus to be able to do AC and SP dailies is still in place. You will get double rep with your alts though if you used the tokens for each faction.

Pretty sure the original requirement to unlock those dailies has always been revered with GL.
August Celestials and Shado-Pan dailies have always required revered Golden Lotus to unlock. I just did a quick search and didn't see anything in the 5.1 patch notes to suggest this has been changed.
It's only going to take half the time for me to grind out the rest of the rep needed. I'm so very grateful for that.
It's what the other's are saying.

The Commendations are just rep increases. They do not alter the story line at all, which is why you still have to unlock Shado-pan by increasing your rep with the Golden Lotus.

It is possible to reach Honored with the Shado-pan through regular questing, as the faction has quests lines in both Townlong Steps and Kun-lai Summit. You get additional rep from completing the quest given by the claw that the Sha of Anger drops.

Otherwise it's still the same as always, you can just move through them a little faster (yay)!
Yes indeed, the rep bonus was very welcome, thak you for the feedback!
!@#$ Golden Lotus rep. That %^-* takes forever to grind.
11/30/2012 05:07 AMPosted by Vampiria
!@#$ Golden Lotus rep. That %^-* takes forever to grind.

It looks like the rep you get from completing each Golden Lotus daily has been increased. That, coupled with the Commendations, means it will take considerably less time. And not just on alts, but on mains that aren't quite Exalted with a particular faction.

I know a lot of people have stopped with Revered, but you still get extras for finishing out the quests. Shado-pan gives a free Cloud Serpent, Golden Lotus give a neck, Kalaxxi gives a ring, etc. And these are separate from mounts/gear being obtained with gold/valor points.

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