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There is something wrong with the new item tooltips for weapons and armor. Sometimes, stats like Spirit, Haste, Mastery, etc., will show up as green, and sometimes as white text. There doesn’t seem to be any consistent format either. Certain items show all double-spaces between lines of text, others have single-spacing, and most items mix the two. Sometimes there are parentheses around the stats’ description text (such as this), and sometimes there isn’t.

I don’t really know how to describe this problem other than “it looks unprofessional”. I thought maybe I’d get used to it, and that this was just something in my head, but many people I’ve spoken with on my server agreed with me. One person had been calling the tooltips “Skittles Style”, because each tooltip had so many different colors of text in it. One item this person linked had the text for the item name in bright purple, then beneath that is the brownish-orange “Item Level” and “Upgrade” lines of text. Then it goes to alternating lines of white or green text, then it ended with bright yellow “Flavor Text”.

I wouldn’t even mention something like this normally. But they’re starting to become eyesores. They’re also starting to remind me of some of those really, really old websites from the 90s.

So, anyway, just thought I’d offer feedback on this.

Other items I’d like to mention are that Discipline PvP is much better now. Thank you.
Pet Battles seem to be less glitchy. Huzzah!
Garalon is still de-spawning when he gets over in the corner of the room in Raidfinder.
Companion Pets seem to keep summoning and de-summoning as I cross zones.
Love the new Revered-Exalted rep changes.
I have to agree, it's on of those things you notice.

I recall an instance of double-spacing in the past, but it got fixed.

I'm hoping this is again, an unintended feature (aka a bug), but I'm having my doubts because of other things like the item level being shown right below the name of the item, along with the upgrade x/y text.

Having another look at it (I literally alt-tabbed to look) what's actually going on here is the secondary stats like hit, crit etc are now being listed along with primaries and then you have the double-space with the equip effect(s).

If I could suggest a change it would be:

To add a hot-key modifier to only show additional tips (transmogrification, item level, upgrade level) when that hot-key is held during mouse-over. Of course, this is something an add-on could achieve (*hint to developers)

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