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Emerald Dream
((For the full RP post which accompanies this, you may view it at Emerald Drama if you are interested. It is rather large and would span several full 500 character posts.

RP Post: http://emeralddrama.com/index.php/topic,4437.0.html

The missive is elegantly penned in black ink and reads,

Faithful servants of the Banshee Queen Sylvanas, in my absence from the halls of Undercity I have been informed of the vile and cowardly butchering committed by those who serve Da'Kien's Kingship. They have taken upon themselves the mantle of demented vigilantes, hanging the corpses of our fallen comrades from Thoradin's Wall is a grotesque display of aggression. I call upon you to scour the lands of Silverpine and Gilneas for their Worgen compatriots and dispense merciless judgment befitting such abhorrent creatures in retaliation for this affront. Those who would seek to sever the backbone of our Dark Lady and bring ruin to this glorious kingdom must be eradicated."

The bottom of the letter bears only the initials (A.L), stamped with the signet bearing the emblem of the Banshee Queen. No titles or accompanying signatures are displayed at the end of the letter.

((I am in dire need of thirty to forty dead Worgen; specifically from the following Alliance guilds:
The Päck, The Wolf Pack, Kingship of the East, Bold as Lions, Acidnation.

((I will pay each player who posts a screen-shot here of a Worgen they have slain from one of these 5 guilds 200 gold per dead Worgen. They must be from one of those 5 guilds, and they must be level 90. I can either trade you the gold in-game or mail it to you.

((I require a screen-shot showing at least the name of the dead Worgen so that I can armory them to confirm they are from one of those guilds. Please do not corpse camp Worgen for gold. I am not interested in 5 screen-shots of 1 Worgen that was camped by 3 people and slain repeatedly. This is meant to be a fun activity; it is certainly o.k. to viciously murder Worgen for gold, it is another to make fun of their corpse in emotes repeatedly afterwards. You will occasionally see players from these guilds if you actively engage in world pvp. You may post the screen-shots here or in the RP thread I have located on Emerald Drama.

((This event will run for 2 weeks or until I get 40 dead Worgen. I have gold for *more* than 40 dead worgen, so if there is an overwhelming response and we get more participation than I anticipate, I will still easily have the gold to pay for more slain worgen before then wrapping up the event.

**Edit -- CBH is a dwarf only guild and this has not changed- hence I have taken CBH off and this will be 5 guilds. CHB does not have non-dwarf players in it that I am aware of.
*On her way to the Blue Recluse, a soft whisper comes from a near by alleyway, Nymaway turns her head, and is greeted by a night elf male all dressed in black. He hands her a rolled up parchment, then vanishes quickly, she looks down and begins to read it, her hands clench the message, and her body trembles in anger.*

"A hunt they desire, but a hunt we shall have."

*Nymaway lets out a growl, as she shifts to her worgen form letting out a loud howl alarming her pack members in the area for a meeting.*
11/30/2012 05:03 PMPosted by Nymaway
A hunt they desire, but a hunt we shall have."

You can hunt me all day woof woof
Gotta get dat updog
(This post has been deleted.)
I wholeheartedly support this hunt...I mean..oooh noooooo...we gotta stop him and stuff.))

((Bump for some dead worgen.

((I cant be the only one out killing Worgen from any of the aforementioned guilds.
(( We went out on the night this was announced in hopes we would see you guys, but didn't really have any trouble. ))
((That would be because this is not a Gor'Watha event. This is something I'm sponsoring myself that is open to the community at large, although it's targeted at the RP community. The trolls in Gor'Watha basically have no idea what I spend the vast majority of my time doing in character when I am not answering directly to someone within the warband.

((If you read the RP post and the much larger back story behind it on Edrama, the 'missives' scattered around looking for Worgen hides are signed by someone named (A.L) My name is clearly not (A.L.). There is another Forsaken (a prominent one) who's initials are (A.L.) and her initials were used for a specific RP reason to reach out to someone within KotE.

((Basically, I will be RP'ing from the standpoint that currently; nobody Alliance side knows my name. I don't know your' names, we have never met. In the grand scheme of things, I am not a prominent lore character Horde side. I do not lead a guild or have large swaths of people at my disposal. Several people in KotE know of me, but they have never met me. The connection between my character and the missive even for people in KotE is tenuous at best due to how little information they have. Think of it this way. The reason I can't send people to 'kill Nymaway' or any other specific Worgen within any of the guilds is because frankly, we have never spoken or met outside of battle. If I 'recognize' any of you, it will only be in so far as "I've seen that worgen a bunch of times before".

((If you send me IC RP mail as Alliance currently; it's nothing personal but I will not be responding to it or acknowledging it unless it's one or two people. One is a Horde player, and the other is an Alliance player in KotE. It's not that I don't appreciate the RP, I definitely do, but it makes 0 sense currently for us to know each other. If you would like to run over me or kill me a lot in game; that's fine. I will RP it as Worgen hating Forsaken in general, and that's why I'm getting chased by 2-3 people from The Pack if it happens.
(( There's something I'm a bit confused on. Your IC letter seems to indicate you want people to go to Silverpine and Gilneas to hunt down Kingship worgen, but KOTE has no forces there and thus there would be none in those areas to claim a bounty on, and from what I can tell the letter would not indicate you want Horde to track us down wherever our worgen go, which right now would be all over Pandaria. It does a good job of making sure alliance players don't know who you are IC, but it also seems like it wouldn't quite get the message across for the Horde either. Maybe I'm missing something, but that was just a slight head scratcher on my end. ))
(( There's something I'm a bit confused on. Your IC letter seems to indicate you want people to go to Silverpine and Gilneas to hunt down Kingship worgen, but KOTE has no forces there and thus there would be none in those areas to claim a bounty on, and from what I can tell the letter would not indicate you want Horde to track us down wherever our worgen go, which right now would be all over Pandaria.))

((The head scratch is understandable. It's a glaring issue because almost *nobody* has any force there and the letter shouldn't have specified Silverpine & Gileneas. The bulk of each faction's fighting force is in Pandaria. Normally I catch details like that in editing, but I had been waiting to put out an RP post for about 3 weeks and ended up rushing the last bit of it. The general hope was that Horde would just kill Worgen from certain guilds. Horde's RP-PVP base seems small compared to the Alliance's, so I'm not overly surprised that the interior of my chambers are not lined with Worgen hides.))
((Awwww I killed a worgen but neither of us were 90 :( ))
Been awhile since I first read this... I have something to contribute!

Don't wory about paying me, I do this for pleasure!





I found myself a new chew toy!
I see you went hunting Divorare. *grins*
((Healers have to die addon? Woah look out we got a pvp hero over here))
((I'm curious, how many screenshots have you gotten so far? (I don't have access to edrama to check there) Reason I'm asking is I originally came from ysondre and a guy there would have assassination games he'd host and I thought it was really fun, and the fact this has an RP reasoning behind it makes it all the better. :D))
12/06/2012 09:16 PMPosted by Dimel
((Healers have to die addon? Woah look out we got a pvp hero over here))

Look at dese Horde ''Getting Packed''

Can I get a AROOOOoooOOOOOoo?
My ears went straight up as I entered the Stormwind Tram, to see you standing there all alone ready to hearth. I couldnt believe my luck! We were all alone... Did you see that smile I had on my face through the fury of fists pumbling your face?
But before I could put a tombstone on your "dead body" you went invisible and hoped on the train to Ironforge.

You had your bounty right infront of you, 1:1 and you fled.
I see why you put up this bounty. Your scared to take on a worgen by yourself. I don't blame you, I'm scared of myself too sometimes.

12/12/2012 11:58 PMPosted by Divorare


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