Game Crashes in Silvermoon City

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For what it is worth, I too have experienced this issue, but only with my Mage when porting into Silvermoon City. It is either the guards or the fountains. When looking in the opposite direction, the game client runs smoothly. Try adjusting your view if possible to not look at anything by the ground and see if this works for you. Best of luck and let's hope that maintenance resolves this issue.
Same here. My toon froze shortly after buying Alchemy supplies in the corner of the Court of the Sun, while walking towards the fountain. I do not have any add-ons. After reading this thread I followed the directions about using another character to lower the resolution settings, and was finally able to get the game to respond well enough to use my hearthstone. I'm glad I'm unstuck, but it's still frustrating to not be able to use the portal.
The very same thing happened to me last night. I was able to leave by going to the "Character Stuck!" button. From there you can teleport to the nearest graveyard, but it just sent me back to Two Moons. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem.
Same thing for me !
This will probably be set today :p
11/30/2012 04:51 PMPosted by Bubulus
I'm having a similar problem; I ported into silvermoon, and the game started running extremely slowly, and eventually froze the screen. The only action I could take is to ctrl-alt-delete, open task manager and kill the client. This now happens every time I log into the toon that is in silvermoon. Help!

^^ mine doesnt crash but leaveing the sun fire building an entering the court of the sun has huge lag spikes an it all started as the new patch came out it never did it before an i dont get any error msgs it takes along time to get threw it to actually get threw to the city an once i get to the fountain its fine.
Blizz is aware of this issue:

Their suggestion is if you get stuck, submit a Character Stuck ticket.

That said, I've seen a report that says if you port into SMC, you should walk backwards down the ramp to the end of the carpet, and you should be OK. Another variant, is to turn your camera angle around so that you're looking behind your toon, toward the Spire, while running down the ramp to the end. I have not personally tested this, but I've seen multiple reports from people who have. They're saying the issue is apparently related to a large number of SMC guards who are barely visible in the distance just as you leave the Spire, all of whom are in combat stances. Those NPCs phase out at the bottom of the ramp.

Speculation is that those NPCs are part of a phased event related to the Dominance Offensive.
But all the same this needs to be fixed i dont even go to silvermoon anymore because of this, an if i need to i go the long way from ghostlands just so i dont have to spend 10 min trying to get out of that area.
It's because of a phasing issue with a Quest line from Domination. The phasing is done poorly in the area that it's really kicking many people's PCs down, even with higher end video cards. There was a communication that an entire guild was getting the issue and the GMs response was the guild needed up upgrade their video cards... which wasn't the issue at all but poor phasing implementation. Phasing was done fine elsewhere but not sure why Silvermoon's was done in such a way that it's killing many player's FPS.

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