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What happened to the Anglers starting quest for horde? I've noticed that the quest is no longer available as well as the one for the Shado Pan. The Shado Pan one isn't a problem as the quest hub becomes available once you have the proper rep. However, I have a quest to turn in for Nat Pagle but can't do so because I can't phase into the quest hub. Any ideas?
I dunno..i havnt seen the quest givers here at all for the last couple of well as the Half Hill flight master lol
I believe that the starting quest, "The Anglers" has been removed as of patch 5.1.
Please reply blue to verify.

I can not see that quest in the Valley, and I did not accept that quest for a reason to save for later. Is there a way to see what quest/s you have completed on not? Checklist would be nice...
You can use the addons Wholly and Grail to check what quests you have completed. However, this relies on querying the Blizzard servers for what they say you have completed. Blizzard servers keeps a weird list. For example, it will report that you have completed quests that you cannot complete because of your race and/or class. If Blizzard has removed this quest, they may have done so by marking it complete on the server so that it will no longer appear in the world. However, using the addons can show what Blizzard servers think your status is with regard to that quest.
Hmm, Yeah, I think it is gone.

I maintain the WoW-Pro guides and was testing the Anglers' dailies guide on a fresh level 90 toon and noticed it was gone today.
/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(31369)

Since its gone does this mean i cant do dailies at jade forest or dread wastes?
You can, you just have to go directly to the places instead. Anglers has a few quests at Soggy's Gambit in southern Dread Wastes, and the dailies are still all there in Krasarang as always.

Shado-Pan in Townlong and Cloud Serpent in Jade Forest haven't changed either, there just isn't a breadcrumb quest at 90 anymore. Klaxxi breadcrumbs are still scattered around and the quest chain in Dread Wastes still sets up their dailies. Golden Lotus is in the southwest corner of Vale now with the rep requirements removed, plus killing everything in the Vale rewards a lot of rep so the dailies aren't even necessary. Far as I know August Celestials still begins at our Shrine so we'll know which temple to visit.
You have to do part of the Klaxxi questline (8/10 quests) that starts with taking the rope down the wall to open up the .anglers quest hub in Dread Wastes.

ISTRC that if you can catch the 3 daily fish to each day to get your anglers rep up to Honored, you start unlocking the other dailies before level 90.

If you have another toon that is revered with anglers, you can buy an account bound tome from them that doubles angler rep earned on all toons.

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