[Balance] Brawl'gar Arena; Field Guide

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This is a general strategy guide for all players, not just Moonkin. This guide, however, does focus on the Moonkin toolkit and offers specific advice towards Moonkins. Feel free to ask for more advice.

Work in Progress: Rank 8 videos

The Brawler's Guild is an increasingly difficult form of Solo PVE progression. There are 8 ranks in this arena, Rank 8 is maximum. Some fights cater to your strengths while other fights exploit the weaknesses. Each fight is the same for every brawler; however, how you go about defeating the challenger is completely up to you and your toolkit.

Difficulty is subjective. What is easy for your specc might be harder for someone else. This goes both ways. You must be able to react quickly and precisely. You will not get to Rank 8 by simply sitting around and spamming your buttons with all your cooldowns up (I tried, it worked for a while, but only up to Rank 7).

Brawler Difficulty Ratings :: You still must avoid mechanics, don't be silly.
1 - Very Easy
2 - Simple
3 - Be Cautious
4 - Hard
5 - Very Hard
X - Impossibly Hard

Suggested Talents and Glyphs:
  • Talents: 1-1-3-2-3-3
  • Glyphs: Fae Silence, Might of Ursoc, Moonbeast
Rank 1

  • Bruce (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 1,580,970
      A simple boss with a small health pool. Very easy to down this boss, but requires you to not faceroll.

    • Abilities:
        "Chomp Chomp Chomp" - Bruce is rooted, drops target, and deals heavy damage in a cone in front of him.

    • Tactics:
        Avoid Bruce's "Chomp Chomp Chomp" by simply not standing in front of him.

  • Vian the Volatile (1)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 2,023,644
      A Mogu caster, this boss casts multiple fire spell at the player.

    • Abilities:
        Lava Burst - Primary spell, does not hurt.
        Fire Line - Creates a wall of fire in front of the caster, persistent.
        Volatile Flames - Summons multiple fireballs that travel in straight lines around the arena.

    • Tactics:
        Avoid Fire Lines. Zerg this boss down.

  • Goredom (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 1,686,368
      A Yak with attitude, Goredom comes out charging, literally.

    • Abilities:
        Lumbering Charge - Creates a targeting circle and rushes it. One shot.

    • Tactics:
        From the beginning of the fight, be moving around in long archs, as to avoid the first Lumbering Charge. Throughout the fight, Goredom will charge you, simply move out of the red circle.

  • Dungeon Master Vishas (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 1,475,572
      Naughty Secrets! Yes, that guy. This is a DPS race.

    • Abilities:
        Naughty Secrets - Increase your Shadow Damage taken. Stacks.
        Heated Pokers - Attacks deal additional Fire Damage (50,000)

    • Tactics:
        You may literally burn this boss and heal through his damage via Nature's Vigil and Rejuv. Burn him down. Drop a Solar Beam on him once you get going with your burst.
  • Rank 2

  • Dippy (1)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 1,264,776
      Dippy the Penguin charges you and tries to peck you to death.

    • Abilities:
        Peck - Attacks the target, instantly killing them. Casted.
        Slippy - Direct attacks cause Dippy to be knocked backwards and interrupting any casts.

    • Tactics:
        As a Moonkin, we get it really easy. Simply Keep Dippy away from you until you start your burst. Once Starfall gets going, Dippy shouldn't get anywhere near you. If Dippy is alive after the burst, simply kite him while spamming Moonfire or Sunfire.

  • Kirrawk (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 2,107,960
      A bird-humanoid from TBC, Kirrawk uses Storm-themed attacks.

    • Abilities:
        Lightning Bolt - Primary spell.
        Lightning Flurry - Casts several lightning bolts, dealing very heavy damage.
        Twister - A tornado that moves very quickly while chasing the player. If it strikes a target, the target will be launched very high in the air.

    • Tactics:
        Burn through the boss, don't bother moving for Twister. Twister will launch you skyward, then Lightning Flurry will be cast on you, interrupt it with Solar Beam and continue DPS'ing the boss. Lightning Flurry is really the only thing that will kill you on this fight.

  • Fran & Riddoh (1)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Fran Health: 1,370,174
      Riddoh Health: 2,107,960
      This team is simple. As a druid we negate a very important Net spell.

    • Abilities:
        Net - Roots the target in place for 5 seconds.
        Landmines - Places many landmines around you, which will explode in a short time.

    • Tactics:
        Kill Riddoh first. Don't stand inside the circle of doom. Be sure to double-DOT.

  • King Kulaka (1)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 2,500,000~
      Dinosaurs should just stay dead. Just a simple burn fight.

    • Abilities:
        None. He just hits hard.

    • Tactics:
        Pop your cooldowns and cast until he's dead!
  • Rank 3

  • Blat (1)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 2,529,552
      Blat is a giant ooze mob that will split into many more Blats upon reaching certain health thresholds.

    • Abilities:
        Split - Creates multiple adds that last for the entire fight.

    • Tactics:
        It's possible to simply zerg this boss from 100 to 0. If you need to, you may kite Blat's adds. Blat moves faster than the split versions of itself. Be sure to only focus on the primary Blat.

  • Sanoriak (3)

      Symbiosis: Anti-Magic Shell, Cloak of Shadows, Mirror Images
      Health: 2,107,860
      This naga uses many fire spells which line up for heavy burst. Be very careful, you may die quickly on this fight if you tunnel to hard.

    • Abilities:
        Firewall - Rain of Fire type ability that deals heavy damage.
        Flame Buffet - Greatly increases the target's Fire damage taken.
        Pyroblast - Deals moderate damage.
        Fireball - Deals low damage.

    • Tactics:
        Interrupt Fire Wall if possible. If Fire Wall is cast, move immediately. You'll need to self-heal a bit more than previous fights.

  • Ixx (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 13,490,944 (begins at 20%; 2.7mil)
      Ixx is a Silithus bug with a veracious appetite for destruction. You must avoid Devastating Arc.

    • Abilities:
        Devastating Arc - Deals More-Than-Enough-To-Kill-You damage. (525% of victim's maximum health). You will die if you get hit.

    • Tactics:
        Avoid Devastating Arc. The faster you burn the boss, the easier this fight is. Stand well within the red targeting circle of Ixx. Run through Ixx during Devastating Arc. This is the easiest way to avoid it.

  • Mazhareen (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 1,897,164
      This boss deals very low damage when at high health. As you damage Mazhareen, the damage rapidly increases to insane numbers.

    • Abilities:
        None. Deals increasing damage as health goes down.

    • Tactics:
        Save your biggest burst for 50% health. You need to quickly defeat Mazhareen. If you cannot use Mirror Images, you must kite this mob. (at very low health, my Mirror Images soaked a 270k hit)
  • Rank 4

  • Crush (2)
      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 5,270,000 ~
      Crush is the first fight you'll encounter that may feel longer than previous brawls.

    • Abilities:
        Collision - Charges the player and continues in a straight line until an object is reached (player or wall). If success, player takes heavy damage and is stunned for 5sec. Crush is stunned for 15sec on failure.

    • Tactics:
        Don't get hit by Collision. Most of your casting will be done while Crush is stunned.

  • Leona Earthwind (1)

      Symbiosis: Anti-Magic Shell, Cloak of Shadows, Mirror Images
      Health: 2,318,756
      Leona Earthwind is a Balance druid brawler. INB4 "There can only be one!"

    • Abilities:
        Wrath - Primary spell.
        Earthliving Seed - Spawns 3 adds to aid Leona (56k HP).
        Solar Beam - Silences all enemy units under the beam.

    • Tactics:
        Leona won't use Solar Beam too early in the fight. Keep the adds dead and do not stand in Solar Beam. This is one of the easiest brawls for Balance druids.

  • Dominika the Illusionist (1)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Mages
      Health: 2,529,552
      This is the easiest encounter as a Balance druid. Starfall trivializes this encounter.

    • Abilities:
        Illusionist - Whenever Dominika casts a spell, she summons an add with 1 HP. This add hits hard (~30k) and lasts until killed or the brawl is over.
        Arcane Barrage - Primary spell.

    • Tactics:
        Literally just burn down the boss. Starfall will do the work for you.

  • Deeken (3)

      Symbiosis: Anti-Magic Shell, Cloak of Shadows, Mirror Images
      Health: 3,056,452
      Deeken controls movable lightning fields in the arena. Be sure to avoid them. It is a bit hectic as first, but stay calm and play the mechanics.

    • Abilities:
        Lightning Field - Electricity moves across the ground, these go in a straight line and and very easy to predict.

    • Tactics:
        Avoid the Lightning Fields on the ground. Be careful, these might box you in and be fatal. Try looking for safe spots or moving behind a field that has passed by. Don't stand too clsoe to the walls.
  • Rank 5

  • Millie Watt (2)

      Symbiosis: Anti-Magic Shell, Cloak of Shadows, Mirror Images
      Health: 5,480,686
      Just another engineering boss (sheesh, there's a ton of them).

    • Abilities:
        Electric Dynamite - Spawns an Electric Puddle at the target location. (only 3 will be up at a time). Deals low damage (~15k).
        Photoplasm Buster Ray - Primary attack, deals moderate damage.
        Megafantastic Discombobumorphanator - Turns the target into a robotic chicken for 5 seconds. Deals heavy damage while polymorphed.

    • Tactics:
        Move out of the puddles. When Millie Watt begins to cast Megafantastic Discombobumorphanator, run into a puddle. This is the rare time when Blizzard wants you to sit in a puddle that hurts!

  • Fjoll (1)

      Symbiosis: Anti-Magic Shell, Cloak of Shadows, Mirror Images
      Health: 4,005,124
      This guy likes the color purple a lot. As such, he spawns lots of purple fire on the ground which must be avoided.

    • Abilities:
        Dark Barrage - Primary Spell, moderate damage.
        Darkzone - Hits like a truck, avoid it.
        Death Grip - Pulls you to the caster.
        Purple Fire - Goes on the ground.

    • Tactics:
        Simple really, don't stand in fire. Simple tactic, but that's really all this fight is.

  • Proboskus (2)

      Symbiosis: Cloak of Shadows, Mirror Images
      Health: 3,372,736
      This marshwalker uses the same abilities as aquatic MOP rares. It should be handled the same way as you would kill one of those rares.

    • Abilities:
        Torrent - Deals 28% of the target's maximum health every 1sec for 6sec.
        Rain Dance - Showers the area with globes of water, inflicting heavy damage if struck.

    • Tactics:
        Solar Beam Torrent spell. Avoid Rain Dance at all costs. Burning the boss quickly minimizes the chance you'll get gibbed by Torrent or Rain Dance.

  • Leper Gnome Quintet (2)

      Symbiosis: Anti-Magic Shell, Mirror Images
      Health: ~1,780,000 each (5 targets).
      We want hugs! ...Don't it. Each of the gnomes has an independent health pool.

    • Abilities:
      Diseased Bite - Deals minor nature damage over time. Stacks. (Hurts quite a bit at max stacks, 20)

    • Tactics:
        Pop your CDs and burn one of them, when you pop CA, Multi-DOT. Save Mirror Images or AMS for after Nature's Vigil drops to reset the stacks. You may need to kite a little, but the vast majority of damage is the stacking DOT.
  • Rank 6

  • Yikkan Izu (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 3,271,028
      Izu summons birds to aid him. If he reaches 5 stacks of the buff, he will enrage and you pretty much lose. The adds only have 33k HP or so, and deal a bit of damage.

    • Abilities:
        Fallen Kin - At 5 stacks, Izu enrages. Very-short duration.
        Disorienting Shriek - Disorients the target for 6 seconds.

    • Tactics:
        Do not let the buff stack to 5. Izu will spawn waves of birds which must be killed of slowly (or 4 at a time). However, you should be able to burn through the boss fairly easily. Just be sure to kill the initial wave as soon as possible.

  • Akama (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 3,925,233
      Akama is no longer a pushover...sorta. Try not to let him cast Chain Lightning, though. You will be healing a little bit.

    • Abilities:
        Shadow Strikes - Has a 75% chance to inflict 35% weapon damage to the target.
        Feral Spirits - Summons two Ghost Wolves to aid Akama
        Chain Lightning - Deals a fairly big hit to the target and jumps to nearby target for even more damage.
        Thunderstorm - Knocks back all nearby enemies.

    • Tactics:
        Heal through Shadow Strikes, interrupt Chain Lightning, kill off the Feral Spirits. Interrupt the first Shadow Strikes via Bash.

  • Smash Hoofstomp (1)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 7,850,466
      A his "lucky" goblins. Poor goblins, impaled on the shoulders :(

    • Abilities:
        Hoofstomp - Deals heavy damage to nearby enemies.
        Shield Wall - Deflects all incoming attacks from the front.

    • Tactics:
        Kill both goblins first. For each one killed, Smash takes an additional 50% damage, stacking twice (total: 100%). It's a simple burn from that point on. Just get behind Smash when he channels the Shield Wall spell and attack him from behind.

  • Unguloxx (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images, Unending Resolve
      Health: 3,052,959
      It's the Murderaffe, be afraid.

    • Abilities:
        None. Hits very, very hard.

    • Tactics:
        You must burn down the boss quickly. Rotate CDs to minimize damage.
  • Rank 7

  • GG Engineers (4)

      Symbiosis: Unending Resolve
      Health: 12,500,000 (Shared)
      Time for a real challenge. This is were Brawler's Guild gets interesting. GG Engineers will be able to hurt themselves via Rockets. You must use Rockets against them by standing on or near the non-rocket engineer. You can avoid most damage, but you'll heal quite a bit if you're not careful.

    • Abilities:
        Deathray - Inflicts ~60k damage to the target.
        Rockets - Deals heavy damage to all targets in the targeted location. Include friendly NPCs.
        Force Field - Immunity to All Damage while the shield holds (can soak 4 hits, but dies on 4).

    • Tactics:
        Do not get get by Rockets. You should try to run circles around the engineer who is casting Deathray. A large potrion of the damage dealt to these brawlers will be from friendly fire. When the Deathray-casting engineer ports into the Shield, run with him and heal/dps the other. You may count how many barrages have landed (I suggest 3 hits then leave). Be sure to Multi-DOT and keep moving.

  • Dark Summoner (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 3,930,000 ~
      This boss is immune to damage until you have defeated one of the ghosts nearby. Ghosts will 1-shot you if you get into melee and they are not stunned. You'll notice a spell effect on yourself, use the beam of light to find the ghost(s). This will stun the ghost, though it does not need to be stunned to be killed.

    • Abilities:
        Summon Ghost - Summons a Ghost. Defeat it to make the Dark Summoner vulnerable for 20 seconds.
        Dark Protection - Immune to all damage.
        Shadowbolt - Deals 200% weapon damage.

    • Tactics:
        Use the beam of light to spot ghosts. Defeat them then DPS the boss. The boss melees fairly hard. If a ghost is up, but the vulnerability debuff is active, focus the boss.

  • Battletron (5)

      Symbiosis: Cloak of Shadows, Unending Resolve
      Health: 9,600,000 ~
      One of the worst fights for Moonkin, it's either a lot of damage, or a lot of movement.

    • Abilities:
        Zot! - Inflicts moderate damage to the target (~40k).
        Unstable Mines - Detonates for very heavy damage if a spell is cast nearby or passes through it.

    • Tactics:
        You need to push 85,000 DPS to defeat this fight. If 3 or more Mines are destroyed Battletron will summon a new set, which despawns the older set; however, this reset is not immediate. I strongly suggest using Barkskin and the healing from Nature's Vigil to push boss damage while healing the Mine damage. On the next set, use Cloak of Shadows as they start detonating, a good CoS is avoiding 3+ Mines. On the next set, use Glyphed Might of Ursoc + Healthstone when you get low (this will heal you to full health). You cannot kill more than 3 orbs on this set; instead, force a gap in the circling Mines and spam Moonifre/Sunfire (Eclipsed) while being inside the gap, don't trigger anymore Mines. Stay healed up via Rejuv, don't be afriad to burn NS+HT. This is truly a tough fight for ranged, and it's far worse as Moonkin.

  • Meatball (2)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 22,200,000~
      He has a tummy ache. This fight lasts 52sec. Enjoy your (practically) free trip to Rank 8!

    • Abilities:
        Strange Energy - Random places Energy Fields on the ground. These increase your damage done by 20% per stack. Stacks up to 50 times.

    • Tactics:
        Save your burst, and your pre-pot. This fight only lasts 52 seconds. Run around the room collecting Strange Energy. Once you have about 25-30 stacks, start your burst. Once you have 35+ stacks, sit and nuke the boss. You should stop collecting after 35sec have passed in the encounter. Use Stampeding Roar, Dash, or Rocket Boosts to collect Strange Energy faster.
  • Rank 8

    Note: Getting hit by anything, with the exception of Millhouse, is fatal or near-fatal. It's best you prepare for only 1 encounter at a time. Such as pre-channeling Hurricane, or standing in a specific spot.

  • Epicus Maximus (X)

      Symbiosis: Mirror Images
      Health: 10,467,288
      Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haHMun0FFYA
      It's a L70ETC bassist riding a dinosaur riding a shark with frickin' lasers attached to it's frickin' head.

    • Abilities:
        Destructolaser - Fires a laser that fixates on the player. Roots the caster. Channeled.
        Blue Crush - A massive damage AOE. Must be interrupted or out-ranged.
        Sonic Bomb - Fires many pulses with must be avoided. One will always target the player.

    • Tactics:
        DPS the boss as hard as you can, run into a corner for the start. Once Destructolaser is cast, sprint to the other side of the room and Nuke the boss. Blue Crush will be cast immediately after this ability. Blue Crush will be cast every 30sec or so. You must minimize movement in order to meet the enrage (2min). You must avoid Sonic Bombs the entire fight.

  • Disruptron (X)

      Symbiosis: Unending Resolve
      Health: 10,467,288
      Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbaH9l4G3bU
      A simple fight that is made very difficult by geometric mechanics. Different hazards are activated and turned off throughout the fight.

    • Abilities:
        Static Charge - Stuns nearby enemies for 5 seconds.
        Lasers - Moving hazards that must be jumped over. Two are active by default. A third beam that sweeps perpendicular to the other two beams will activate if selected.
        Orbs - Fires projectiles which quickly travel a fair distance. There are 5 of these "Orb Launchers", 1 in each of the 4 corners, and 1 in the middle.

    • Tactics:
        Avoid the lasers. Stand opposite of any activated Orbs. Multi-DOT only 1 of the Orb Launchers (middle one preferred), to fish for Starsurge procs. You must kill the Gnomish Bot that moves around. Unfortunately, the only way to beat this as Moonkin is to have the greatest RNG possible, or to Levitate.

  • Millhouse Manastorm (X)

      Symbiosis: Anti-Magic Shell
      Health: 47,975,072
      Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlaFkJHmV58
      Stonecore was merely a setback!

    • Abilities:
        Power Crystals - Summons two or three crystals which buff the Millhouse. Standing in the beams you grant you the buff. Do not let Millhouse reach 100 stack, ever. (Should have maybe 30 max before the final burn.)
        Get Off! - Standing too close to Millhouse will knock back all nearby enemies.
        Frostbolt - Deals moderate damage.
        Shadowbolt - Deal moderate damage.

    • Tactics:
        If your stacks fall off at any time, you will not win. If you get a favorable spawn, good on ya'. Be sure to kill off any crystals you cannot soak. Do not kill "old crystals" as they will despawn shortly after a new set of crystals have spawned. If Millhouse has a few stacks, it's fine. Once you hit 100 stacks and are in Lunar Eclipse, blow up Millhouse. Do not use Starfall out of Lunar Eclipse. Especially in the opener, hold the second Starfall -- this is because you'll get more damage out of it later in the fight as your stacks build. The only time you should do back-to-back Starfalls is at very high stacks (85+).

  • Zen'shar (X)

      Symbiosis: Cloak of Shadow
      Health: 7,196,260 (Phase 1 Adds: 383k each)
      Video: <None.>
      "...It's all your fault..." -- This is a two phase fight.

    • Abilities:
        Evil Glare - Deals massive damage to any enemies standing in the void zone. Cannot be avoided via Cloak of Shadows.
        Lasers - Deals massive damage to any enemies caught in the beam. Players may take a single tick. This will 2-shot most players.

    • Tactics:
        Pre-pot and channel Hurricane. If you're quick enough, move around before the boss spawns then channel Hurricane. The idea is that the first Evil Glare, which is cast immediately, will target your old location. A faster Phase 1 makes Phase 2 a little easier via enrage timer. Killing all the adds (small eyes) will cause them to activate Zen'shar. Killing at the adds together, or near the same time is suggested. Whenever an add dies, it activates it's Phase 2 abilities. It is suggested that standing in a corner offers the safest location to dance Evil Glare. It is also suggested that alternating the location of Evil Glare, according to where the Eye Lasers are traveling at time, will offer a 'comfortable' strategy for casting. Once Evil Glare fires, wait half a second or so for the next cast then move back to that previous spot, avoiding lasers of course.
  • rank 8 fights are pure RNG , millhouse manastorm u need rng on totems to kill him
    the shark dude with lasers its doable u jst need amazing dps i wiped to enrage at 300k
    the red laser beam dudes is trivial if u get levitate from a priest
    and the eye dude is a bit hard as a moonkin cos ur constantly moving and there is no safe spot , so i think its almost impossible to beat the enrage with just spamming moonfire and starsurge procs
    also on millhouse , we get a 500% damage increase but cant use starfall cos our starfall kills the totem that gives this buff.

    Oh, an exploit? I'll have to try it.

    I got the Eyeball down to 180k, it's possible, just need to place the Evil Glare properly, ill type it up soon. I saw Zoomkins and Bushino both almost kill Millhouse, just needs the first 2 totems to spawn favorably. Epicus I haven't see either of those two or myself get close enough to deem it possible, quite difficult to get a good string of hardcasts off.
    You should try to run circles around the engineer who is casting Deathray. A large potrion of the damage dealt to these brawlers will be from friendly fire. When the Deathray-casting engineer ports into the Shield, run with him and heal/dps the other. You may count how many barrages have landed (I suggest 3 hits then leave). Be sure to Multi-DOT and keep moving.

    Either engineer can be hit by the barrages. If you want to heal, go ahead and jump in the shield, but if your health is fine it would make more sense to start running around the goblin.

    Honestly, as long as you're hugging one of the engineers, the DPS check is very light. I actually ended up doing that one as guardian.
    how do you people get past battletron? WTF that robot is insane to beat... gimmi like 10 more secs on enrage =(
    12/01/2012 10:01 PMPosted by Ahanss
    Either engineer can be hit by the barrages. If you want to heal, go ahead and jump in the shield, but if your health is fine it would make more sense to start running around the goblin.

    I've seen people running on the Rocket Barrage engineer get insta-gibbed.
    12/01/2012 11:08 PMPosted by Dalorell
    how do you people get past battletron? WTF that robot is insane to beat... gimmi like 10 more secs on enrage =(

    The best possible opener helps a lot.
    12/02/2012 11:13 AMPosted by Cyous
    I've seen people running on the Rocket Barrage engineer get insta-gibbed.

    It still has a pretty significant travel time. Not at all hard to dodge assuming you're expecting it (And since it has an obvious cast bar, why wouldn't you be expecting it?).

    Plus, if you're actually having trouble dodging that, watch your feet:

    First, a flash appears where he's targetting.
    A little bit later, a red targetting circle appears.
    Then a little bit later, it hits.

    If you watch for the flash, you have forever to move. If you wait for the red graphic, obviously it's a bit harder.
    Solid guide. Requested sticky
    12/02/2012 11:22 AMPosted by Ahanss
    If you watch for the flash, you have forever to move. If you wait for the red graphic, obviously it's a bit harder.

    It may have bugged, not sure. It's the same strat all the top Moonkins on Illidan have used (mostly because it's simple (stack on the Deathray engineer, avoid circles). People like simple strats that give the same results as the more complex strats. With that said, stacking on either mob is fine, it depends on your needs. :)
    I'll finish up Rank 8 later today; I plan to sugarcoat it with some videos (if possible, some of these may be third-person; some may be first-person.)
    I posted in the other thread that a crit/mastery reforge should make Battletron easier, since it is the hardest fight we come across until the Rank 8's. It seemed to work for me and a few of the other chickens, but I'm not sure how you'd test it yourself. Just food for thought.

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