The end of City of Heroes

Wyrmrest Accord
Kittyanya, claws/regen Stalker. I joined a super group that made us wear business suits when in meetings. Was interesting seeing the tail flick back and forth as she listened. I have screenshots on my old computer I need to upload. *HUGGGS CoH* It will be missed greatly.
I played mostly on Infinity server, and was one of the core members of the Girls That Rock supergroup. But I also had a few toons on Virtue, including my very first dedicated RP character: kid hero Beatrix Fletcher (Archery Controller) and her scout troop of child heroes.

Even though I hung up my cape years ago when the devs started spending all their time on implementing new features like the scenario builder to allow players to create new content so they wouldnt have to, its still sad to hear that its inevitable day of demise has finally arrived.

Had a lot of good friends there back in the day. And in the end thats what you end up missing the most. Though I'm sure we have until at least lvl 100 yet to go in WoW, when that day finally arrives, and we all face final death at the claws of an enormous Dalaran Squirrel, know that I will miss Wyrmrest Accord and you guys one and all.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
I'll be honest: WoW has been sucking for me. I find it tought at times with the current content both in PvE and PvP. PvE I hate to do dalies just to get gear and PvP is so unblanced it's hilarious. What keeps me here is the people. Sure, I still do dailies and pvp occasionaly and I find some of the content fun. But it's the people here that I wouldn't trade in the world like the OP, AAO, Sentinel, the Hush, Magical Adventures, my AWESOME guild, G4, etc.

So I feel you Kopper. While nothing last forever I'll milk this place for whats it's worth and hope to keep contacts long after it's gone.
I never actually got into City of Heroes, but I know a couple people who were devastated simply at the thought of this happening. Now that it's actually come to pass, I dunno what those people are doing to cope with the loss, but for them and everyone else who played CoH just know that you guys still have plenty of friends here.

Maybe you can translate your CoH character into WoW somehow, or acknowledge them IC on one of your characters by saying a dear friend is gone during RP. Carrying on a CoH character's legacy might even be a pretty good spark for RP here! While it may be the end of one world, you do still have this one too! Oh yeah, and the "real" one, I guess.

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Okay, enough of that. Now go and be amazing.

Way ahead of ya, Doc. *puts on Epic Purple Hat*
Were WoW to ever shut down, I'd miss each and every one of you.

Even though most of you probably have no idea who I am or that I even existed.
I remember when Sega shut down the Chromehound servers...

That was the best tactical mech game I've ever played. Join countries each season, join squads, buy parts, build some of the coolest looking mechs, go smash the other faction and push to invade their country. Last country standing with all territories under their control wins the season. Then the chaos starts all over again and you can freely choose to stay or choose a new country to defend.

I don't know how they could make such an amazingly perfect game and then shut down the servers.
Would this be a bad time to plug the budding DCUO community?
I drink to the memory of doing three quests in the City.

World of Warcraft's peers are one fewer this day.

A sad day for everyone.

How many will come to fill the vacancy?

Goodnight, Neverland.
Oh man, when FEZ (Fantasy Earth Zero) shut down, I was at a loss for 50vs50 pvp D:
Im about to sound dumb, but what is a Figure Print? And sadly I give WoW.. A few more years, max of five.. It makes me extremely sad to think.
12/02/2012 08:27 PMPosted by Dancath
Im about to sound dumb, but what is a Figure Print? And sadly I give WoW.. A few more years, max of five.. It makes me extremely sad to think.

They are customized figurines of your characters in WoW.
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I played mostly on Infinity server, and was one of the core members of the Girls That Rock supergroup. But I also had a few toons on Virtue

Though I ended up on Virtue I did have my start on Infinity. My Stalker Angry Cheerleader was in <Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow> there; I even, for an assignment for my Graphic Design class several years ago, created a faux newsletter for the villaingroup. I still sometimes wonder how folks I knew there are doing these days. :)
So many of us were on Infinity! I'm surprised we never really ran into each other before our times on WrA.

...or did we?
I never played CoH but this kind of makes me sad.
:O... Crazy seeing people that played on Virtue! *waves!*

Though... I was a villain :X

/tear of sadness for CoH ending :(
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Oh man, when FEZ (Fantasy Earth Zero) shut down, I was at a loss for 50vs50 pvp D:

Heh, that reminds me when Sega shut down the Phantasy Star Online servers on the Dreamcast all those years ago. Lotta of people cluttering the game lobbies, overlapping chat balloons everywhere...then everything suddenly froze, the 'unable to connect' message popped up and it booted you out to the title screen. I never made any close ties in that game, but the whole experience felt a lot smaller when you couldn't log in and join others.
Virtue here too. I am sure SOMEBODY must remember me, the amazing Arbiter Matrix. I know you're out there. I know you are, people I know.
Not to throw salt on this wound:
But apparently, according to Massively, City of Heroes was still making a profit, albiet a small one. Their parent company had a horrible previous few quarters and they wanted to show that they could cost cut.
My husband recently got me into WOW and I'm glad to be here. He's been here on and off for years, and I knew that in losing City of Heroes I wanted another gaming home with continuity and longevity.

I played COH for 8 1/2 years and was on Liberty when the servers went dark. It's been a terrible experience. I literally have more than a year of hours of life invested in playing, writing, RPing, and making friends there. The community was tight, I've never experienced the like of it in any other game, and never more so than in the last three months since the announcement.

The game was still profitable, it never posted a loss in any quarter during its entire run. The decision to pull the plug is inexplicable to us and was never really explained. There was no sunsetting, NCSoft simply announced it was closing and fired the entire Paragon Studios staff with no warning on August 30th and pulled the plug 90 days later.

The COH community rallied around the developers and staff and collected $1000 in under three hours to treat them all to lunch at their favorite restaurant. We had the Real World Hero charities drives every year, collecting several thousand dollars in donations for charities (nearly $4000 this year alone). The company has refused requests for interviews and comments, ignored offers to buy the game, and stuck its head in the sand hoping we would just dry up and blow away. We won't.

In losing City of Heroes the gaming community has seen how hardhearted a company can be towards their customers and just how hard those customers can hit back with negative PR (the barrage of negative PR has been astounding). I hope no other gaming company ever treats its players this way again.

I get a thrill every time NCSoft stocks drop a little more and await the day it goes bankrupt. At this rate it won't be long.
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