The end of City of Heroes

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...I'll miss you Valkirus.

Big burly he-valkyrie with super strength and flight. Dressed up in a military commando outfit with a fancy winged war-crown-mask thing.
I played CoH for quite some time.. I also felt a pang in my heart.
I beta tested CoH . . . never played live, because it just wasn't my type of game, but I can definitely understand how people could enjoy it very much. Lots of sympathy from this old fuzzball; I felt the same way when the SWG servers went dead, even though that game was "dead" years before.
I wish I'd known it was going to shut down. I'd have gone back to revisit the old stomping grounds one more time. Kings Row, Steel Canyon, Brickstown etc.

I last visited back in 2010, but I actually quit the game back in 2008, and transitioned over to WoW as my main. CoH had some great features that I still wish WoW had, such as the nearly limitless character customization possibilities, and the wonderful Sidekick system which allowed friends to play together no matter what their level difference was.

I still remember fondly the Costume Contests that used to happen every weekend in Atlas Park. And hanging out in Pocket D with the streaming DJ's doing their radio shows...the early forerunners of events like Club Trix. Good times.

Sadly a couple years ago I had sudden and catastrophic computer problems and all of my CoH screenies were lost. But Paragon City and the Heroes I met there will live on in my heart.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
When the servers shut down I feel sad, which was weird. It felt almost like a friend of mine just passed away. It helped me meet my husband and it was my first mmo. I'm more than likely never buying another NcSoft product again. They gave us no reason really as to why they were shutting it down and they certainly didn't give the devs any warning before firing them the Friday before labor day. I know a couple of them and it was a huge shock there that morning. They had at least 5 more years of things planned for the game still. Since this happened though their last quarter has significantly dropped in profit which is good news. It shows you can't treat your customers like garbage and think you can get away without any consequence.

Virtue was an amazing server and I kept going from place to place to say my farewells and such. So many people the last day it kept crashing and then have a 1k+ que up.

Much love to my fellow gamers, heroes and villains alike!
~Moonseed aka Foxy Ferret
I was there when the servers went dark and cold, standing next to my wife's character, Backbeat, as she hollered, loud and proud: This! Is! My! City!
Ok necroing this thread because while looking for another old screenshot, I found an old Photobucket account that I had forgotten I had. And lo...a few of my old City of Heroes screenies survived the loss of my hard drive there! So I'm gonna share.

GTR Rocks The Dance Party 10/04/2004
You old timers might remember the old "Dance Party" that preceded Pocket D. This is my first supergroup/guild "Girls That Rock" from Infinity server.

Shard Task Force

My Very First RP Character

Come Out With Your Hands Up!



Rebecca Steele


Cinder Ellie

Comic 2

- Forbs
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I dunno if any of you guys are aware, but there is still a Superhero MMO out there.

I mean, I don't know how you feel about it, but Champions Online is still around and kicking, and apparently has been seeing a surge of growth after CoH went dark.

I've played there a little and there's always tons of people around, the character customization is insane, and it has most of the features WoW does.
Remember: Whenever you make friends on a game you would not want to lose if the game shut down, give them some way to contact you. Usually an email is the best way to do this... Even if you make a separate one.
I played CoH for a time, on my ex's account. Little sad to hear that it shut down, but I suppose it was inevitable given the limitations of the game. The character customization was just about my favourite of any MMO that's ever launched, though, so I'm definitely gonna miss that.
Im a story teller at heart. I, like others, have composed many stories involving this little dwarf.

When I read a book, for a time I can leave the real world and become a part of that story. Isnt WoW the same? I know for me it is. Khaz is the embodiment of everything I am in real life.
He is a brazen little adventurer, often at the detriment of his(as well as others) safety. He believes in an eternal goodness and fights for it. He fights evil at every chance and loves nothing more than a quiet moment of good music with an ale at the Kharanos Inn.
He is me and I am him.

I think of the day that WoW will cease to exist. I think of all of the adventures, all of the people met and bade goodbye. It is a death of sorts, and I wil not welcome it.

Good post Kopperschot
I also capped my character slots on Virtue. Some notable characters... most not. I'm sure if I mentioned my 'main' most of the Virtue folks would recognize the name and perhaps even picture the costume.

But I won't.

Because that game's gone now.

And my OC's are now in that lovely limbo wherein one decides what universe they'll appear in next. Perhaps even as a commercial venture. :)

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