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Hey all, I currently game with the card in the title, an i5-3570k and 8GB of ram, I'm jumping from 1920x1080 -> 2560x1400 gaming, will I notice that hard of an impact, to where I'm lagging too much? Obviously I'm not gonna max AA or anything because I hear that at 1440p AA is really not needed since it looks so good, thoughts? I was looking for some benchmarks but couldn't find any for my exact card & 2560x1400.
Not really with most games, but more demanding games, GTX 670 will struggle a little -- IE) Battlefield 3 and the likes
I have the Evga GTX 670 FTW card and I run WoW @ 2560x1440.
CPU - i7 3930k 6C/12T @ 4.2GHz

Full Screen(windowed-mode)
Multisampling - 4x
Ultra - but with SSAO Disabled
DX11 mode

Holes a solid 60 fps in the old zones but drops into the 40-50s in the new MoP zones.

While in MoP Zones GPU-Z shows the GPU maxed @ 100% while the CPU stays around 6-14%

2560x1440 has 3,686,400 pixels, 1,612,800 more pixels than 1920x1080. So you will notice a impact on performance.
You'll see an impact. I doubt it'll effect your framerates to the point you'll have issues, not in WoW to any real degree.

I run a 2500K with a 580GTX at 2560x1600. Mostly, I see about 50fps in Pandaland. Old world is pretty steady around 60. 25 man raids are usually 45 +/-5. I run full ultra, with shadows at high.

I do run AA, but frankly I can't really tell the differnece between 2x and 8x. So, yeah, at these resolutions, it isn't really necessary.

I think you'll be VERY pleased with performance and visuals. Monitors at these resolutions are truly spectacular to behold. It is the next level of immersion.
Expect about a decent drop in fps. According to TPU (best review site for hardware) a stock GTX670 will go from about 130fps in WoW to about 92fps. In BF3 the difference is 66fps to 40fps, so the difference is definitely noticeable.
Sounds good, and how about if I fraps videos to a second hard drive? At 1920x1080 I get no lag when I record to my 2nd HDD but will the same apply to 2560x1440? I heard applying the setting in fraps to half-size would be good.
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Frapsing to second drive will help.

Try using alternative recorders, ie) MSI Afterburner's built-in recording, BandiCam
Ok thanks kalg, you know if overclocking my cpu will help with the fps loss of going from 1920x1080-> 2560x1440? Or is it all on the gpu?
At that resolution, it's 99% GPU more or less
I bought a Dell Ultrashap U2711 and I will have to say it has been the best upgrade I have ever done. As far as fps drop hell yeah your going to see one I wouldn't roll with anything less than a inel i5 and gtx 580. I have a i72600k and 580 and in 25mans with stuff cranked up I still drop below 30 fps and honestly when there are that many effects and stuff going on its hard not to regardless of what you are running. In 10s I never have a issue I stay 60 and above usually sometimes drop to 50 but things always run smooth. Other games also seem to run ok like gw2, dishonored, cod, a few of the games I play other than wow. If you can afford it Id recommend sli 670s which is what I have ordered for myself this xmas to make sure I can destroy whatever I throw at my pc but I absolutely don't NEED it the 580 has been fine I'm just a fps !@#$%..

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