New guild looking for help getting started...

Myself and a few others started a guild, designed to be a help to newer or returning players, as well as for casual players.

Recruiting and leveling seems to be hard right now, so I am asking if anyone is willing to help be a "founding member" of this guild.

Currently, we are helping twink newer and low level players, running old content and raids almost twice a week, helping people with gold, items etc...

Reason we formed this guild is because most guilds I have been in now have gotten away from the mentality of the Vanilla WoW players. There was a time in this game when guilds would drop everything to help the new guys out, but now a days, everyone is so caught up in the dailies and the "getting gear for myself" mentality that it seems the new player base is lost in the dust or have to fend for themselves.

We currently have a guild bank with 4 tabs that are full access to all members, we run old content for transmog and twinking, and we try to help all as much as possible in a casual style of playing.

We are looking for any new players or low level guys who may not be completely satisfied with their current guilds, or guys that just want to play for fun without the whole "worried about my DPS, etc" raid guilds who only offer benefits to the raiders.

If anyone is willing to help out, please look up myself or Awaimei in game. We would appreciate the help and look forward to playing with you in game.

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