Why Can't You Revert Spirits Back To Motes?

There were other crafting mats that you could combine to make a larger item, then you could revert them back as well. Enchanting comes to mind. I combined most of my motes of harmony to spirits of harmony just for bag space and figured I'd want them anyway to BS the epic PVE chests. Then a friend got to 90 and wanted to do arena with me so I was going to make him the healing plate set and now don't have the motes to craft them.

It's my fault for not paying attention to the tool tip but they are soulbound, what is the harm in "shattering" the Spirits back to Motes? Blizz, it would be great if you could hotfix this functionality especially since they are such a pain to farm. If you can't do that at least make them BOA so I can borrow some from an alt, then you could change them from BOA to BOE later like you did with the older orb versions.

motes can only do 2 things, sit in your bags and be turned into spirits. No crafts use motes.
Why do you want to do this?
I guess he could send X number of motes to an alt so the alt will have enough for a spirit. Except, you know, they are soulbound, like the tool tip says. I guess he didnt read.
Need to clarify, and I made a mistake because I was doing this from memory out of game. As a warrior/BS I had no need to buy the Masterwork Spirit Guard healeing plate set, only the Revenant. My friend wanted to heal so I was going to buy the patterns for the spiritguard plate to make for him to start out pvp. I thought they cost motes. The patterns actually cost Spirit of Harmony, my bad.
Ah... I was going to say...

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