Why is this so annoying, there are hardly any mobs spawned and competition is feirce for the 5 spawns of this stupid quest.
Agreed, Blizz, please correct the respawn rate for all of the mobs for this quest. I am fighting 50+ people for the same 5 spawns.
Its like they didn't even test this quest. This wasn't a hard problem to foresee.

I am really sick of beta tests being released as finished content.
Blue #1: Hey guys, this quest De-Subjugation, its in a zone that's flagged for open CRZ, right?
Blue #2: Yeah, why?
Blue #1: You think we should maybe up the spawn rate on the mobs then?
Blue #3: Nah, its fine as is.
Blue #1: Its only taking players ~30 mins to finish a quest with 16 mobs to kill, you dont' think that's too much?
Blue #2: Nah, its fine.
Blue #3: Make the players hate this quest? Brilliant idea.

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