60's Twink Thread #164. Back in Business.

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Sun - 14
Mon - 12
Tue - 12
Wed - 12
Thur - 11
Fri - 12
Sat - 13

Okay lets do this! Lets take a quick poll like they used to do with the hall of fame. Everyone post a reply with ALL available days for you to play. We will worry about time later. An example would be this:

"Mondays and Tuesdays"

another example would be:

"Only on weekends; Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights."

I'll go first. I'm Cragun and I am available Sunday through Thursday nights.
First day to 20 wins!
ZOMG I heard you guys got a pop. How did it go? My kr3w was at IPL 5 so sorry we weren't there. The bracket seems to be livening up a bit. This is exciting. Lets keep working to narrow down a day!
I'm back! Gotta re gem and stuff but It's good to see that we are progressing in the right direction once more.

I can be online 7 days a week for games, as long as they start after 6-7pm est.

we can pop queus anytime, its just a matter of timing, and people caring enough to do so
14min queue time at 3:13pm est

We really are back in business :)

Yea, anyone who is still active with 60's feel free to add me, actually, definitly add me :D.


i'll be getting on shortly, just gotta do some IRL business, be around 5ish
Gonna try to be on tonight around 6:30 PST, hopefully games will be going still! I was out of town this weekend, super bummed I missed out.

What spec makeup did horde have? Need more healers, better dps, fc's?

Also, heals just going all out resil?
hey clugor you need to work on your 24!
Or. He could put his efforts toward a bracket that could use a little more liveliness, instead of one that is already self-sustaining and probably expanding on its own.
Ragnaros got buffed


Too hard for me to tank now for some reason.
It was in the latest patch notes. Didn't you read them? :p
12/03/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Deadoncemore
It was in the latest patch notes. Didn't you read them? :p

Ragnaros: Up entering combat Ragnaros will now state that Molten Core was just a set back.
q'd also. lets get a game!
queueing in 5mins
do we need ally or horde?
in que

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