why do you play your shaman?

I rolled a shaman back in mid-BC because the guild I was in at the time was in serious need of healers(most specifically, a shaman or two) so I rerolled and never looked back! I loved it so much I ended up making 2 more shamans since BC and now. >.<

To clarify, I only play resto if I can help it. Not much of a fan of dps for some reason. I just really enjoy healing...every class is going to have its OP moments and its not so OP moments. During Sunwell in BC resto shams were in very high demand, for alliance especially because Ally had just had shamans become available to them.

Right now the OP healing class is a monk. For 10 mans anyway, they blow every other healer out of the water on non-aoe friendly healing fights especially. But that OP train will end, just like every other OP train has ended and a new class will get to board and enjoy the ride for awhile :P
I love this class for it's concept I used to be a RPer on a very serious RP server I made such an awesome little story for my shaman that it kinda indered the character to me.

My shaman feels like an old friend no matter how long I have played he was my FIRST toon. That's right I am still playing the first toon I ever rolled.

So I guess it is nostalga that makes me still play shaman. That and I stopped PVP when they came up with Resil and started fiddling with PVP cause i understood what kind of a train wreck it was going to be *shrug*
As a PvE-er primarily, I am having no problems whatsoever. My healing for raids in our guild is top notch and I can do Elemental somewhat well enough to be decent for raids and heroics since I don't have to worry about e-peen contests like some do.
<-- not a shammy obviously.

I never really enjoyed the totem mechanics, so never really played a Shaman much, but I do remember, in the very early days (vanilla vanilla) Ele shaman were truly the toast of pvp. Much to the chagrin of the alliance.

("Frostshock!") :)
My shaman is my favorite character, I feel I identify most with it.

I make love to mine
I still play just for the hope that one day.... one day I will reign supreme over all the other classes...
you're so right. ascendance is the most fun part about being an ele sham, being able to spam lava burst and absolutly take a dump on any class you want is awesome. it's right up there with blasting ppl off the middle in eots lol
I used to think with a fortunate chain of crits and procs made shamans a very unique a fun class. Then warlocks and mages came around in their gear ilvl 450
By the end of Cataclysm I was 5 toons deep. All of them max professions and level capped. Only problem was, I was horrible with them. I never melded well. I had a Rogue, warrior, mage, paladin and druid.

I decided to roll a shaman and it fit. I got the class. I understood how my class worked. I enjoy playing him and I loved the idea of being able to cater to different groups with different totems.

At that time I was a guild leader and my nerdness showed through. I thought, what better leader of a Horde guild than a Shaman? Spiritual, powerful, wise and able to buff their members for whatever class and situation.

I still love my shaman. Regardless of the nerfs. I'll continue to play him. Since I capped him, I've deleted all of my toons. He is my one and only character.
I play it because it's fun, but also that I would be a burden to my guild if I were to switch mains and get gear back again.

I also firmly believe that we will shine once again.
I heard if you were Elemental Shaman back in Vanilla (or I guess it was just Shaman back than?), then you were gauranteed not to get an invite to your guilds 40M Ragnaros.

I loved that. The underdog class. I made one as soon as I heard that.
I play shaman because its the only caster class i actually enjoy playing in WoW,, because 9/10 in most games i was either a melee or tank. Main thing i love about shaman (especially elemental) hardly any ramp up and its consistent burst. When MoP came out and gave us Ascendance i thought i died and went to shammy heaven because we finally had a real DPS cooldown. I may complain big time about are most recent nerf but i will always play shaman over any class in WoW.

ADD: Oh and the ability to heal when needed was certainly a plus
I heard if you were Elemental Shaman back in Vanilla (or I guess it was just Shaman back than?), then you were gauranteed not to get an invite to your guilds 40M Ragnaros.

I loved that. The underdog class. I made one as soon as I heard that.

^ most epic shammy moment
Because I'm resto
FINALY someone thinking like me !!!

At some point in the future I hope Blizzard finally separated PvP and PvE through different tooltips
I usually play fighter/magic users in RPGs and this was what my guild, who was returning to WoW and I followed them along, suggested I would like. And they were right!
I'm not sure why anymore. >_>
<<< was the first char that I leveled seriously. I may have bouts where I go and play on my Druid or mage for a while, but I always come back to my elemental cause I understand it and play it well. That and every time I run on a different character, everyone wishes that I had brought my shaman instead.

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