No Escape ((IC))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Maj had just began to wipe her face with a cool damp cloth when the shrilly barked orders came over the pipe poking out of the wall over their heads. Immediately she bustled about, preparing the trays for Naerdil and herself to carry. Following behind the Night Elf, she focused on making certain she dodn't trip or spill the food and beverages as they walked through the fortress.

When they finally were in the boss's rooms, she wasn't as surprised as Naerdil to see the goblin – most of the priests, paladins, and guards in Stormwind didn't have many pleasant things to say about them. Carefully she set the tray down and bowed quickly before hurrying after Naerdil.
When Erani was out of sight, Rysill hung her head in helplessness, stiff and cold in the guards’ hands. She shook, though not in rage. She was overwhelmed with the desire to cry, but could not. Not physically. Erani was like a sister to her. No, not like a sister. She was her sister. They grew up together, trained together, fought together. When Erani’s entire family was wiped out in the orcish massacre, Rysill stood by her in the face of immense grief. When her own race, her own family, disowned her after she broke free from the Lich King’s tyranny, Erani was the one who stayed by her side, unwavering and ever loyal. There was never a time when they didn’t have each other, having been practically joined at the hip since their infancy! And now she was gone… gone… GONE.

“You filthy, !@#$-eating little dog.” she said in a low and dangerous tone to the guard. Her unholy aura, which she no longer made any effort to conceal, wafted off of her in heavy clouds, making the air thick and frigid. The guards which held her seemed unsettled, but held a firm grip on the death knight.

“You have no worldly clue what darkness you have… awoken. No idea what I am capable of doing to pathetic little worms like you. I could feed off your screams alone. Hold you over the edge for days until I can extract the very last exquisite essence of agony from your very being. I do not tire. I do not sleep. And I do not forgive.
“Hear, me guard. And hear me well. I will not be a slave to that little green whelp for much longer. This I vow. I will get this forsaken collar off. This I vow. When that happens, and it will, I will hunt you down. I will find you. And when I do, there will be no one on the whole of Azeroth and Outlands combined who could protect you from my unholy wrath. I will show you cruelty the likes of which you never could have imagined in your dizziest daydreams… and your most feverish nightmares. And this…” She looked up and locked her eyes on the guard. Eyes which reflected nothing but pure, undiluted, madness. There was no hint of warmth, sanity, or reason behind that terrible gaze. They were the eyes of a rabid animal. A monster. A Death Knight. “…I vow.”

Suddenly, the aura lifted, making the air breathable once more. She abruptly returned to her usual, calmed self. Were it not for what had taken place just moments ago, no one could tell there was a raging typhoon of fury bubbling just beneath the surface of her seemingly calm exterior.

Turning to Nek’Mashra, Rysill said in a quiet and sincere tone, “Do not apologize, Nek. This was no fault of yours. I am the one who is sorry. Sorry if I have frightened you.” She looked down at Cat. “You as well, Cat.”
The guards around Rysill looked visibly pale and shaken. All except for the one. The one who sent Erani to her death. Who forced Rysill to choose. He simply scoffed and said, “We’ll see, death knight.” He gestured for the other guards to take her and the other slaves away. Rysill, followed passively without a struggle.
After dropping off the slaves, Hailla and Sorsim began patrolling the halls of the fortress, looking for the room where their gear was stored. As they walked, Sorsim noticed a troubled expression on Hailla's face.

“Copper for your thoughts?” he asked kindly. O'Keere looked as though she was debating whether or not to start talking.

“It's the draenei prisoner. Erani.” she said at last. “I guess I'm feeling a bit guilty for what we did.” The lieutenant looked in one doorway and saw the entrance to a massive kitchen. Withdrawing her head, the pair continued looking around.

“What, you're not at all bothered by possibly sending the orc and Death Knight do their deaths?”

“A greenskin savage and former servant of the Lich King? Not bloody f*cking likely. I've killed way too many of them and had too many comrades killed to feel the slightest bit guilty over whatever happens to those two.” Hailla sighed and shook her head. “I guess... I guess I'm still a Stormwind girl, when you get down to it. Ex-Alliance mercenary, and all: if I hadn't joined the Blood Crows I would probably have joined the Stormwind army at some point, and the Draenei would have been my allies. And I keep getting this prickling feeling between my shoulderblades. That feeling you get when something's about to go wrong and you have nothing but a whip and some spiked knuckles to help.”

“I see.” Sorsim replied laconically, his eyes focused elsewhere. “Now where could that armory be... there we go.” The Servant stopped as he finally found a locked armory door with a pair of slaves from the Pit standing in front of it. "Oh. You two. Lovely. I don't suppose that either of you would happen to have the key to this armory? My associate here has the feeling that something is about to go down, and we would rather have our gear than not.
John nodded at the two women as he began to move down into the quarry all casual guard like. He made his way down to the entrance of the quarry, stopping right in front of the gate. There was one guard protecting the way into the quarry who stopped John and the women. "Stop! Where are three going?" The guard asked, eying each of the three. "Bitzy wants more guards in the quarry for… guarding. Didn't you hear?" John began to walk past the man, but was quickly stopped with a hand to the chest. "I didn't get any word from the boss saying that we need anymore guards in the quarry." The man stared down John, as if looking past him and seeing his lies! "Oh! This is quarry? I thought this was the, um, keep! Yes, Bitzy wanted more at the keep! Whoops! Let's go ladies…" John said as he turned around, beginning to make his way away from the entrance and the guard.

"Alright ladies… we're going to have to find an alternate way into this place…" John looked around the outside of the quarry, looking for some sort of alternate way into the entrance. It didn't take him too long to find some mine carts being pushed in by a few slaves. This entrance was, of course, guarded as well, but he had to at least try to make his way into the quarry. "I think I just found out how to get inside. Follow me."

John quickly made his way his towards the carts, crouching down low beneath some crates. Each cart seemed to have been covered by some tarp, so it was perfect for hiding underneath. He watched as a few carts manned by some slaves pass into the mine, then to the women again. "Alright… I think we can stow away in the carts, but it looks like they’re only big enough for one." He looked over the crates again. "Time them right. Make sure no one sees you jump in or we're screwed." John peaked up again, watching and waiting for the perfect moment to move. After a few minutes of waiting, both the slave manning the cart and the guard watching were distracted and John bolted for the cart. He quickly vaulted into the cart and covered the top with the tarp and waited in the dark.

After waiting a few moments in the cart in the dart, he suddenly came to a rather rough stop. He waited for a moment, peaking out of the tarp before making sure that everything was clear. Once everything was, he hopped out of the cart and looked around the quarry. In the center was a large crystal, which was clearly causing the vibrations in the earth. "Wow… fascinating! That must be the source!" He mumbled to himself, turning around to the track before wondering if he should wait for the girls or not. He opted not to, his curiosity was too great and he began to wander off deeper into the quarry.
Dristis and Adrian followed their two companions silently. Searching for the armory, Adrian was spacing out while Dristis actually paid attention.

"This place smells." Adrian blurted out. He looked around, the boredom clear on his face. Dristis remained silent. He was indifferent for what they had done. Apparently sending slaves to death. He had a feeling they'd be completely fine anyway. Overhearing the other two talking about what they did, Dristis poked his ear in just in time to hear Hailla speaking about Death Knights.

He smirked from the corner of his mouth and cleared his throat very obviously, looking nonchalant as he did so. He didn't have anything to add. He knew what he was and understood people didn't like him or his kind. It didn't bother him anymore. All he needed was his brother.

Adrian was humming quietly to himself. He opened a door, hoping it was the Armory. It was filled with mops.

"Hell." he said quietly to himself. He followed the group to the door with two slaves standing in front of it. Apparently the armory. Fantastic. He looked down to the dingy, garbage excuse for a rifle he acquired from a dead guard. He grimaced and stood by, pulling security as the two Servants found a way in to the armory for them all.

The goblin tech raised her hands and gulped, unsure of why the situation had suddenly become so deadly. She looked around for something, anything, that would save her. She had no alarm down here, no weapons. Maybe if she distracted the crazy guy with a gun... She made a wild leap and smacked one green hand down on a large red button located on one of her consoles. Servos groaned as the crane holding the prototype mole machine lurched into life, swinging the mole machine laterally toward the group of slaves. It picked up speed, sweeping the mole machine through the group, knocking several people over. The tech then clambered into another prototype and secured the door shut.

The crane continued its course until the mole machine struck an outcropping on the rough-hewn rock wall. Per typical goblin construction, the crane had no safety features to shut it down if something like that should happen. The crane strained to move as various large red alerts bloomed to life on nearby consoles. A pre-recorded, cheerful voice chirped over a loudspeaker, “Crane malfunction. Crane malfunction. Catastrophic engine failure imminent.”

As the last word echoed through the cavern, the crane arm gave way, breaking at a joint and beginning a vicious spin. This wouldn't be so bad, but the mole machine was still connected to it by various wires and pneumatic tubes. Sparks flew in all directions as the mole machines began careening around the cavern, banging into the walls.

“Attention. Attention. Crane malfunction. Engine explosion imminent. I told you so,” the mechanical voice deadpanned. “Securing safety doors.” As these words were spoken, heavy metal doors slammed shut behind the group, sealing them inside the room.

One slave ran up to the doors and began banging on them wildly. “We're trapped!! We're all gonna die!” he began wailing. Already noxious smoke was pouring from the crane and the metal around the engine compartment was glowing red hot. “Into those machines! They can probably protect us from the explosion!” another slave yelled, grasping the only shred of hope that remained. Seeing no other option, the others scrambled into the various prototypes, sealing them shut. Some could hold two people, others only one.

Though they couldn't see what was happening, the people huddled in the machines heard the explosion of the crane seconds later. The mole machine attached to the crane, now free of its circular path, flew through the air, striking the bottom of the crystal in the ceiling with a reverberating gong. The rock around the crystal, already weakened by Bitzy's mining, cracked at the impact. The cracks spread, spiderwebbing outward until there was nothing left to support the giant crystal suspended above the people huddling in the machines below. The rock gave way, and the crystal plummeted downward, landing with a thick splash in the underwater river of magma.

The crystal thrummed and squealed as the magma began eating away at it, releasing its massive energies. The lava began churning as the entire island seemed to tremble and shake. Gouts of disturbed lava splashed through the cavern, sweeping up the mole machines like a stream washing away leaves. The machines bumped around mercilessly, some cruelly springing open under the stress and inviting in an unthinkably painfully but extremely swift death for those hiding inside. The temperature in the remaining machines rose to near-unbearable levels as the machines rode the lava. The lava shot through its underground path, finally spitting the surviving machines into the ocean with a hiss and cloud of steam. The waves created by the erupting volcano quickly pushed the machines away as they bobbed about like corks.

The machines were pushed around the island, until they were caught in a tide and pushed into the harbor. By now, the ocean had cooled the machines enough that the survivors might think it safe to open the hatch. If they did, they would be rewarded with the sight of the ship that brought them to this island riding peacefully at anchor nearby. They would also hear the deafening rumble of the exploding volcano as sprays of lava shot skyward and thick black smoke billowed from what had once been the quarry.

There were enough of them to simply board the ship and sail off. But that would surely be damning everyone else on the island to death.

In the fortress:

Deafening alarms screamed in every corner of the fortress. People covered their ears and screamed to be heard as they tried to discover what the cause was. Then, as the crystal bit the lava under their feet, an enormous tremor knocked everyone from their feet. As the people scrambled upright, the ground continued to shake, though not so violently as before. Chaos reigned as nearly everyone panicked. Bitzy forgot everything else and dashed into the hallway, where he began berating his guards. “HEY, STOP RUNNIN' AROUND AND FIND OUT WHAT'S GOIN' ON!” he screamed at the panicking men that dashed about.

In another part of the fortress, Bitzy's elementals were on a rampage. Nearly driven mad by the elemental fury raging below them, they struck out right and left, reveling in the destruction as people fell about them, consumed by their flames. One spotted the small gathering in front of the armory door and heaved a powerful fireball in that direction. If it hit one of them fully, they would almost certainly be consumed by it. It charge in after the fireball, wanting to cause as much destruction as possible.

Alarms blared. Tremors shook the fortress. Adrian struggled to gain his footing, and dropped to a knee to, propping his rifle against a wall to stay steady. "What in the jinkies is going on here?" he shouted to the others over the alarms. He held his rifle tight to his shoulder, keeping it down the hallway they entered from. Dristis remained on his feet and walked to his brother, making sure he wasn't injured.

Hearing a familiar noise down the corridor. Dristis stood up and looked down towards the source. The blazing elementals were in a frenzy. No doubt something going along with the magma under the ground making them riled up. One took notice of the group at the armor and turned to them. It launched a ball of fire. A massive one, at the group.

"Stay here," he said to his brother. Grabbing his sword and running towards it, he conjured a gust of frigid wind and redirected the fireball. He wasn't strong enough to completely change its course, but it would just barely miss some of the members of the group. He coated the sword in jagged, disease ridden ice and made a blade of ice on his free hand.

Closing the gap, Dristis drove the sword in to the arm of the elemental, burying the blade in to the ground. Both hands covered in blades of ice, he kicked a jagged piece of ice through the elemental's chest and stab and slash repeatedly with the blades of ice on his hands. Impaling the elemental to the ground, the death knight brought down a crushing wall of ice, extinguishing the elemental's core.

Feeling drained, yet somewhat revitalized, he retrieved his sword and made his way back to the group. "I suggest we get in to this armory soon. I can't work with this mediocre equipment." he scoffed at the sword he had and watched down the hall.
Barely walking away before the fortress shakes and the screaming starts. Naerdil's eyes widen as she is taken back to Auberdine when the shaking started, the sentinels started running trying to find out what was going on, people were screaming and running. That's when she blacked out. she wakes in the water, floating towards the bottom when she awakes.

Looking around she attempts to steady her footing as the goblin comes running full tilt out of the room yelling at the top of his lungs. Looking around she snarls, reaching for the human female she was with. "Come with me." Without awaiting a response she runs down the hallway heading for what she thinks is towards the exit. Pausing for breath she looks back towards the way she came and presses her back against the wall as a guard runs by pointing and saying something about the elemental. Pausing she looks back awaiting the girl to join her.
She had been about to head back towards the kitchen when everything started shaking. Already slightly off-balance, she stumbled and hit the wall. Trying to remain standing, she saw the goblin come out of his room, yelling at the guards who ran about in a panic.

That was when Naerdil grabbed her by the arm, yelling for the young teen to come with her. Half-running, half-dragged down the hallway by the older female, Maj was looking around wildly in panic - what was going on...?!

...and where were they going? They rounded a corner, ducking out of the sight of the panicking guards that ran by. Faintly she could make out one of them yelling about...elementals? Confused, she glanced back at Naerdil and then at the directions the guards had run off in.

"...what do we do now?" she whispered to Naerdil.

Annalin watched as others came by, wondering how to open the armory door. She glanced at Elise, hoping she'd explain the situation, but it seemed that the other woman would not. Annalin rolled her eyes, opening her mouth to explain, when suddenly, alarms blared through out the entire building. She closed her mouth, tightening her jaw, and was suddenly on edge.

"What's going on?!" She yelled over the alarms, gritting her teeth as the loud noises made her old eardrums hurt. Refusing to put her hands over her ears, she glared blatantly at the others from the Pit, when an elemental appeared.

It was preparing to hurl a fireball, heading straight towards them all, the elemental suddenly on a rampage. Annalin was about to sneak away when she thought of something. If they moved out of the way in time, maybe his fireball could blow or melt the door away. She grinned, about to say her thoughts, when the death knight decided to finish off the elemental instead.

"NO!" Annalin shrieked, Dristis already doing his business. She looked all around, trying to see if any other guards would run by. By the time she had finished looking, Dristis was just done with his work.

The forsaken walked up to him, a strong glare on her face. "Did you ever think," she muttered, "that it could blast the door open? The door with all our armor in it!" Annalin hollered over the alarms, ready to lift her mechanical hand and slap him with it.

Rolling her golden orbs for eyes, Annalin turned around, assessing the situation as fast as possible. She spotted Adrian using a rifle to prop himself up. "You!" She pointed at him as she stalked towards him. "I need this!" with that, Annalin took the rifle right out from under him. She focused her aim on the lock and shot at it twice, the lock falling off and landing to the floor with a dull clink.

Annalin moved towards the door and kicked it open, dropping the rifle on the ground. "Get in here and get your damn armor!" She hollered, skimming the labels of crates until she read one with her name on it. Or more rather, her description: "Forsaken, female, looks to be a rogue, mechanical body part."

She pried the crate open, all her beloved armor, daggers, poisons, whatever she had on her being, right there! Annalin hadn't smiled so big in her undead life, and now, she was just happy to see it all. She stripped out of the guard uniform as fast as possible, her linen shirt and pants still on, and she threw her armor on over it. She placed the daggers in their hilts at her hips, stuffing whatever other little knick-knacks she had in their respectable places.

"Well," Annalin said, then remembered to raise her voice to be heard over the alarms. "I'm coming with you, whether you like it or not." With that, Annalin turned her head towards Elise, almost feeling a bit of pity at the woman. "What are you going to do, Elise? Your assistant, is uh... missing, it seems."


Nek'mashra's feeling of guilt didn't fade, especially when Rysill had gotten even more upset. The orcess watched as her friend had threatened the guards, becoming as frightening as other death knights, a side that Nek'mashra had never seen. She stayed quiet, allowing Rysill to let her anger out. Cat even backed away, back towards Nek'mashra and she nodded at him.

"It's alright, Cat... she's just frustrated. You know this." Nek'mashra mumbled to him, glancing at Rysill as she finally calmed down. Rysill apologized, as well as she had to Cat, and Nek'mashra nodded, looking at her friend.

"Rysill, whatever you need, I will help you. Even if it's saving your friend. Cat will help as well. Imagine when he learns to shoot a gun. He'll be an unstoppable force then, don't you think?" Nek'mashra told her, lifting her hand to pat Rysill on the shoulder. Cat went beside Rysill, going to nuzzle her leg in an attempt to comfort her, when the ground shook. Hard.

The orcess stumbled, Cat darting under her to help her fall. Nek'mashra's hands landed on Cat, the panther supporting her weight. She looked at Rysill, a questioning look on her face. The slaves beside them began to get riled up, fear striking into them even worse than when they were captured. The ground only continued to shake, making it difficult for Nek'mashra to stay up.

"What's happening?!" Nek'mashra shouted, alarms sounding off, causing the orcess to cover her ears in pain. She clenched her teeth, baring her small tusks. She had no idea what to do.
Naerdil looks at the woman and nod's" Good you followed me. Our next course of action is to leave this damn island. But first i need to find my backpack, i believe it would be in the armory." Looking around Naerdil stares left and right grabbing the girls hands again she moves quickly down the hallway staring left and right. Before meeting eyes with the man at the far end of the hallway. moving towards him she notice's the two other females with him.

Moving forward she looks to Maj"Stay here." Moving toward the man Naerdil nod's at him" You friendly i assume? Listen i have no fight with you at all, i just want my backpack which i believe to be in the armory, would you happen to know where that armory is?" Looking over her shoulder, she motions Maj forward Naerdil stares at the man trying to gauge who he is.

Hearing a loud bang as the two woman somehow got the armory open, Naerdil brushes past and moves into the armory, looking around she grabs her staff and checks it out. Satisfied she nods and grabs her pack, opening it up she sigh's as everything was in order and for that she was happy. But ignoring the other things within her backpack. She grab's an amulet that rests at the bottom. Pulling it out she clips it around her neck, the amulet looked to be a gold leaf with a single green gem in the center. walking out she looks around "Thank you for opening the door." walking back to the girl, Naerdil nods "go get your things dear."

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Hailla rolled out of the way of the fireball as Sorsim threw up a frost shield around himself. The fireball burst against the wall and fire washed over the spot the lieutenant had been just a moment before. As the smoke cleared, the Cabal members could see Dristis dispel the fire elemental and a Forsaken rogue blast the armory lock off. Hailla got up from the floor and threw Dristis an impressed glance.

“I take back what I said about Death Knights. But only for you. Carnifex is way to disturbing to make it general.” As she walked into the armory, the young lieutenant tossed her knuckles and whip off to the side, stalking down the rows of crates. “Finally!” she remarked at length, noticing a crate with the lettering Blood Crow Lieutenant, Female, Human, Special Ops Insignia. She pried the top off, ignoring the stacked armor and gazing with rapt attention at the gleaming death machine on top. O’Keere reached down and gently grasped the rifle, her fingers lingering on the serial number engraved on the side. “Four six five oh two.” She whispered. “Oh, how I’ve missed you.”

Hailla carefully leaned her rifle against a nearby stack of crates and tightened a series of cloth straps on her clothing, tightening her two-piece uniform against her body and revealing a lithe, athletic body beneath the fabric. The Blood Crow reached into the crate and pulled out her armor, starting with the boots and working her way up. Her gloves were thin black leather with an enameled green plate on the back of the hand and a single vertical red bar on each plate. Finally, the young woman buckled her helmet on and found the small lever on the right side of her helmet. A downward and sideways motion pulled a crystalline red visor over the top half of her face and locked it. The shield was slung over her back, her shortsword was attached to her belt, and her rifle was in her hand.
“Sorsim, stay behind me and destroy whatever you can.” Her right hand worked the rifle’s lever and loaded a massive bullet in, snapped it forward, and returned to the trigger guard. “The rest of you, it seems like now is a good time to submit our resignations.

"So, who’s in for burning this island down around Bite-sized ears?”
"Rysill, whatever you need, I will help you. Even if it's saving your friend. Cat will help as well. Imagine when he learns to shoot a gun. He'll be an unstoppable force then, don't you think?"

Rysill looked to Nek’mashra and offered her a slight nod, unable to bring herself to smile. She truly was a valuable friend. One she would never want to lose, even after they got off this Light-damned island. “Yes, of course. We will not let Erani die here,” she whispered. She looked down when she felt Cat nuzzle her leg. Normally she would have given him a scratch on the ear, but of course, the guards had kept a firm grip on her arms. “An unstoppable force, indeed,” she said to him. Of course she didn’t really think the panther capable of wielding a gun, but she was content to humor Nek. Besides, who knows? Perhaps one day, Cat would wield a gun and it would be the ones who doubted him who would be the fools. Nothing was really too far from reality. She once met a goblin who taught his parrot to speak both Orcish and Common and sell liquor.

The ground began to shake, snapping Rysill out of her thoughts. Flashing red lights and blaring alarms filled the hall. Chaos surrounded the Draenei as panicked guards and servants alike began running blindly around them. The other slaves began to panic, and shield their ears from the skullsplitting wail of the alarms. Rysill was the picture of serenity through all of this. The moment she felt the guards’ grip loosen, she struck back. In a single swift motion she broke free of their grasp, twisted, and drew the nearest guard’s sword out of his own scabbard, then spun again and jabbed him at the gap between his helm and his armor, driving the sword clean through his neck. Frothy blood seethed out of his mouth as he desperately clasped at his throat and gasped for air. The death knight took the ring of keys out of his hand, then withdrew her sword. She grabbed him by the front of his mail armor, lifted him off of his feet and flung his flailing body at the other guards, knocking them over like a house of cards. At the sight of the, freed, and now armed, death knight, the guards scrambled to their feet and began to take off. Rysill would not waste her time chasing them. She leaned down and undid the shackles at Nek’s feet and the chains around Cat’s neck.

“It seems our prayers have been answered,” she said with a grin. Looking back at the other slaves, she considered them for a moment before she sighed and undid their shackles as well. They didn’t hesitate to bolt after they were freed. She looked down at the key-ring and tested one of the keys on the lock at her collar. The moment she got the key in, it jammed, and she felt a shock of white hot pain shoot down her spine. She gasped and practically tore the key out. Light magic. No doubt this collar was designed specifically with death knights in mind. But at least now she had a clue as to who may be able to free her. Either a priest of a paladin. Her gut told her it was most likely the former. Turning to Nek, she pulled her up and said, “Come. There might still be time to save Erani.”

She led the orcess down the halls and back into the corridor Erani was brought to only witness a sight which truly struck Rysill with dread. Corrosive, lava was bubbling up from the stairwell and seeping through the cracks of the door, setting it ablaze.

She looked on in horror, unable to speak. There would have been no way for Erani to escape. Any hopes of saving her beloved childhood friend were now dashed. Rysill was both shaken and enraged. She couldn’t stop now. Couldn’t mourn now. Her first priority was to get Nek’mashra to safety. She would mourn after they had gotten off the island, but she couldn’t pass this opportunity to salvage their belongings and escape for her own selfish reasons. Pulling her hood further down to conceal her anguish, Rysill said to Nek, “Let us see if we can salvage our belongings,” before taking her by the hand once more and leading her away from the scene and through the panicked chaos of the fortress. A little ways away down the halls, Rysill began to sense something. It was faint but she believed she could detect the signature aura of her runeblade. Frostscream. They must have been close to the armory. If she could just pinpoint its exact location…. She paused and looked down a corridor. ‘There…’

She hurried through the halls, dragging the orcess behind her. They were close. So close. Just as she had reached the armory she came to a sudden halt. There, infront of her, were the two guards, Sorsim and Hailla. The two who led Erani to her death. She died because of them. Her fury roared deep inside of her, but as always, she kept a cold and unreadable expression. Rysill, no matter the situation, was never one to submit to her own emotions. If she struck at them now, even if she had Frostscream with her, it would achieve nothing. It was too late to find a place to hide away until they were gone. In her carelessness, they would have heard the clopping of her hooves a mile away. It seemed they too were raiding the armory. With that in mind, it seemed doubtful that they would take the time to chase and recapture them. She watched them, waiting to see what they would do. Judging whether or not it would be safe to tread forward.

Given when she had been captured she had been waiting at the docks for her sister, wearing the same Novice's robes she wore now, she had only had a small satchel with a couple books and the embroidery she had been working on. The young teen distinctively remembered dropping it when she had tripped as she tried to run for the guards. It was doubtful they had picked up anything so trivial...

Just in case though, she scanned the labeled crates only to find nothing marked about her. With that conclusion, she slipped out of the armory - there wasn't much room in there, with all the crates stacked up. As she did, she could hear the clopping of hooves. Was it the Draenei from the pit, Erani?

Hopeful, she turned around in the direction of the noise and saw the robed figure that emanated the aura of a Death Knight approaching; with the Death Knight was an orcess and a large hunting cat. She wasn't even aware that she had scooted over, pressing up near the wall outside the armory as she watched the approaching group cautiously.
Dalfein looked at the woman in slight surprise when she thanked him, most people usually just threw out curses, and insults after he helped them, it was one of the curses of being a Death Knight, they were always looked at with horror, fear, and hatred. He recovered quickly though, and smiled, "It was no problem at all m'lady, and I agree we should get out of..." Before he could finish out of the corner of his eye Dalfein saw the crane arm rushing towards them, he quickly tackled the draenei to the ground to avoid the metal contraption. Afterwards all hell broke loose, alarms blared the door shut them inside, and red hot magma began to come into the room. The Death Knight noticed the other frred slaves rushing to get into the goblin's prototype pod things, seeing no other option he whispered to Erani, "Please forgive me for this m'lady."

Without waiting for a response he jumped up, and easily lifted the woman into the air, carrying her he ran, with inhuman speed towards one of the few remaining pods, he jumped inside still holding onto the woman. He found the mechanism to close the hatch, and did so, sealing them both inside just in the nick of time before the entire room was flooded in magma. The magma swept up the pods in it's current he could hear screams of pain, that were quickly snuffed out, apparently all of the pods were not ready for this. Luckily for himself, and the draenei it seemed theirs was, though he could hear the pod creaking from the heat, and pressure it held together.

A loud hiss was the only assurance the Death Knight had, that they had hit water, or something that could cool the heat, saying a small prayer he opened the pod, and sighed in relief. They were outside, in what he could only assume was the harbor, if the ship docked there was any indication, he looked back to the island explosions were plentiful, and if he listened carefully enough he could screams of panic. He looked at the woman he had saved, "Well it looks like you are alright, I suggest getting on the boat, and setting sail, but I doubt you will do that. Regardless of what you do, I am going back to the fortress, I still haven't retrieved my belongings, you are welcome to come with me if you wish, but I advise against such an action. Sorry to seem so blunt m'lady, but I don't have much time follow me if you dare," with those words Dalfein leaped out of the pod turning the water into ice, as he ran.

He ran as fast as he could arriving back at the fortress, a solitary guard rushed towards him, waving his sword, the Death Knight dispatched him quickly, before running back into the fortress. It took almost all of his concentration to keep his footing on the shaking ground, luckily he had a good memory, and knew the exact route to take to get back to the armory. When he rounded the final corner he saw a group of people standing outside of the armory, including a fellow Death Knight, and orcess he did not recall meeting. The dranei Death Knight, and orcess seemed frozen in place, looking past them he could see the armory door open, "Oh, wonderful you got the door open." Looking at the two in front of him he said, "What are you just standing around for go get you equipment, and let's get out of here," rushing past everyone he entered the armory.

"Let's see no, no,nope, nada, aha, here you are," he had found a crate labeled, Human : Death Knight, underneathe was listed the contents of the crate, which just so happened to be his rquipment. Opening the crate he practically jumped for joy, lifting out his prized blades, "Oh, my boys, I missed you sooo much, did you miss me," he could feel the blades resonate their power the only affirmative he needed. He strapped his two katanas Shadow, and Phoenix, around his waist, and secured his body length katana, Shadow Phoenix to his back. With his weapons back home Dalfein felt complete, he felt his full strength returning, and he smiled, "It feels soo good to be together again."
Dristis heard the faint yells of one of the females behind him. After dispatching the elemental, he turned to see a Forsaken shouting at him. Going on about how the elemental could have blown the lock of the door. He waved his hand. He didn't want to risk someone's life being lost to a frenzied elemental. They can get through the door easily enough.

Adrian, watching what was going on, curious as to why the Forsaken was now focusing on the Marksman, he sat by as she snatched his rifle from under him, causing him to lose his balance and tip over. Scrambling to his feet as if nothing happened, he brushed himself off and followed the others into the newly opened armory.

Looking around the crates, Adrian came across the crate with his Sergeant's insignia and Ranger insignia. Squealing in delight, he rammed the blade of a sword he had found under the lid of the crate and dropped his body's weight on the handle, ripping the lid off. Digging inside, Adrian pulled out his plate vest, backpack, harness with his swords and revolver and finally his rifle. Dropping down to a seated position, he dug through his bag and vest, making sure every thing was accounted for. Satisfied, he lifted his vest over his head and dropped it on his shoulders, securing the straps. Next came the harness, his backpack and then put his goggles resting around his neck. Loading a magazine in to his rifle, he chambered a round and walked to the entrance of the armory.

"Loving the puns, Hailla." he quipped with a grin. Dristis clapped his brother on the shoulder and dragged out his crate, bearing the Ebon Blade's insignia and his captain's rank. Ripping off the top of the box, he dug out his armor and weapons. His gear secured, he cinched his harness similar to his brother's and grabbed his sword and helmet. Joining his brother at the entrance, he nodded to both Hailla and Sorsim in agreement to the plan. His bubbling rage clearly showing.
Hailla took two steps out the armory door before she caught sight of Rysill. In a flash judgement, the lieutenant abruptly stopped and snapped her rifle up. Brown eyes glared at the Death Knight from behind her visor. She could dimly hear Sorsim walking up behind her, unaware as of yet of the three beings' sudden appearance.

"Hailla, why have you..." The Servant trailed off as he caught sight of Nek'mashra and Cat. He immediately brought his hands up and red lightning crackled around them. "I see."

"Alright, you two." Hailla said, keeping 46502 trained on Rysill: in her evaluation, the Death Knight was a far, far greater threat than the orcess and big cat combined. She ignored Dalfein as he edged past the group and got his own gear. "We're going to get out of here and destroy everything that little froggy has built up here, and hopefully kill His Sliminess himself. Out of courtesy, we're giving you one warning." Still keeping her rifle leveled, O'Keere sidled down the corridor, Sorsim keeping himself behind the far more armored Blood Crow.

The pair continued down the corridor, their plan being to get out of the fortress and hunt down Bitzy.

"Coming, boys?" Hailla called to Adrian and Dristis.

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