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Great, just ******* perfect, thought Arelius. They were going to be made slaves to work for some maniacal boss who thought he could take over the world. His temper started to rise as he realized the grave situation they were in.

Before he could do anything he was shoved into "the pit" as they called it. "No food, no water, and no nothing. More to the point, some of the captives were actually laughing! It was as if they like to see others in pain. There was no way Arelius was going to stay here.

The only silver- lining was that the Captain and his first mate had been thrown in there with them. They deserved it, and there was no way that a pair of scumbags as those 2 were ever going to get any help from him.

He turned to Maj and said "You ok? There is no way we are dying in this hell-hole of a place Maj. It isn't gonna happen." It was strange that he had developed a relationship already with the young female, but when he looked at her, as sense of duty to protect her came over him. Well, let's see if we can't get some flames going, he thought

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Naerdiel Watches the happenings with grim eyes as she understands the amount of trouble she and the other's are in. Looking around she listens to the other captive's talk among themselves staring straight and hearing a dwarf yell out obscenities at the guards. Eye's downcast as she silently march's along Looking at the new arrivals to the scene that came from the island itself. Seeing them approach the group they watch and look at the captive's as the man comes to her she recoils, the man reeked of death. Watching the man she hiss's.

Following the group again she is pushed into a room she heard being referred to as "The Pit". Looking around she snarls calmly. Approaching two humans as one who notice's the captain and his second in command fall to the ground laughing. Quickly approaching the two, kneeling next to the man on his knee's she speaks in a whispered tone" Are you injured in any way brother?" Looking to the other man standing near him she smile's "So where are you two from? Gonna guess you two are close friends of sorts?"

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The air around Arelius started to warm. "Well that is interesting." thought Arelius. His magic was back. He was about to start to conjure flames and bust his way out but again his fathers words rang in his mind - "PATIENCE, my son". Arelius sighed and sat back down. He began to note the amount of guards around. It didn't matter he much raw power he wielded, the guards would eventually overrun him. No, now was not the time to make rash decisions. Arelius needed a plan.

Instead, he started a small fire. He might as well be warm while he thought.
She had landed hard and on her ankle when thrown into the Pit; Maj whimpered as it gave out under her and she hit her knees. Immediately she was scrambling back to her feet, reaching out with a hand to support herself against the earthen wall of the Pit. Taking a breath, Maj blinked in surprise at the fact she could feel her mana once again. Relieved, she channeled healing energies to her ankle, wiggling her toes carefully as she studied those around her warily when Arelius addressed her.

She glanced at him, to put a face to the voice and stared at the Blood Elf's long tapered ears and glowing green eyes. ...Horde....he was....

...making a fire. She shivered, the cold of the Pit and shock creeping over her.

"...well I can use my mana again. T-that's good, right? For when we get out of here?"
As the captain stared in disbelief at the men who had "betrayed" him, Dalfein chuckled, his smile staye dplastered on his face the rest of the way to their destination. As they were thrown into what was obviously a pit ironically named "The Pit" most likely, villains were so unoriginal anymore. As they were all unchained, and left to their own devices the Death Knight walked over to the captain, and his first mate, both appeared very nervous now that their former prisoners were free, and they were locked away with them. "Don't worry I at least won't hurt you, no point anymore now that you are in the same boat as the rest of us, although if I had my weapons I could have slain those men quickly. Oh, well what's done is done, though I didn't appreciate being tricked, but I suppose I am partly to blame for my own predicament. Boredom got to me, and made me rush into action, without looking more closely at the situation, but thanks to you now I am no longer bored."

Dalfein smiled at his former captors, "So what gave you the brilliant idea of teaming up with these crazy fools, I mean I understand a pirates want for money, but there are so many, less violent ways to do so. Although I guess businessman is out, if your little business deal with these guys is any indication. What to do now though, I am interested to see their techniques to break new slaves, but at the same time sitting in this dank hole will get boring fast." The Death Knight shrugged, "So "captain" any brilliant ideas on how to get out of here, there are a few of us here that I doubt could take their torture very long," his eyes drifted to the young priestess, before returning his gaze to the two pirates. "Under normal circumstances the fact alone that you would capture a girl barely over sixteen would make me want to rip you apart. Even the fact that you are pirates would normally bring my wrath down upon your heads, but as it stands this isn't a normal circumstance, so count yourselves lucky."

Stretching the Death Knight gave a mock yawn, "Well I think I will go and take a nap, while I think of a way to get out of here, if anyone else thinks of a good idea let me know." The Death Knight walked past the two pirates, and sat on the ground leaning against the wall, it was doubtful he would see battle before his bloodlust kicked in, so he needed to stall it. Fortunately his friend Sam had taught him some druidic meditation techniques, that had helped him do just that in the past. Closing his eyes the man let his mind wander away from the hole he was in, away from his predicament, away from everything. Though he looked unguarded he was completely aware of his surroundings, and anyone foolish enough to think they could attack him would find themselves flat on their backs.
Erani eyed the fire longingly. Normally she wouldn't hesitate to ask to join them but the blood elf kept her wary. Each time she would allow herself to consider joining the them, her memory would flash to that fateful night at Tempest Keep.

She needed allies.

She wrestled back her usual prejudice and slowly walked up to the blood elf.

"May... May I join you?"
Dristis snapped out of his calm trance when an Elf traipsed up to his brother, still on the ground breaking a rib in laughter. She asked if he required any healing.

"He's fine. Just... a bit of an idiot." Dristis explained. Adrian stifled some laughter and nodded in agreement.

"He's a bit right. This is not the first, or last time that I've been beaten thoroughly. I'll be ok." He stood up and let out a few more chuckles before standing next to his brother and leaning against him lazily. Dristis remained stoic. "Dris, you're a bit of a bummer."

Dristis glared at Adrian for a moment before turning his attention to the Elf again. "We're closer than friends. Brothers, actually." he nodded his head in Adrian's direction and took note of the others in the Pit. Timid children, Elves, a massive Orc, a few other death knights. One he recognized some. He talked to the captain momentarily before walking off and sitting against the wall. Dristis knew how he felt. The withdrawal from pain was wracking in his mind and body. Soon it'd be near uncontrollable, and after that, he'd be in a blind fury until he could satiate the hunger for pain.
Arelius eyed the girl as she tended to her foot. "Ahhhh, a follower of the light." said Arelius. "You have a good ability there, I can't heal myself worth 2 grains of salt. And yes, it is a good thing we have our magic back. Do you mind tending to a wound on my shoulder?"

Just then, another female walked over toward the fire. She stuttered, asking if she could join Arelius and Maj at the fire.

"Of course, the more the merrier!" said Arelius. At least he'd have company around the fire. "My name is Arelius Martemus, part of the Dalaran Magi. What is your name?"
He was surprisingly more friendly than any other blood elf she had ever met. Then again, locking blades blades in battle didn't really count as "meeting" them now did it? Cautiously, she sat down and wrapped her tail tightly around herself. She avoided eye contact with him as she spoke.

Smiling Naerdiel nod's and smile's " Ahh brother's. You two are close, stay strong, the Blood ties between brothers is the strongest in this world. Protect each other. Standing she notice's a mage lighting a fire at a point in the room. Moving towards it she looks at the three people at the fire. Seeing a young girl, she kneels next to her speaking in common she smiles at the girl" Its a shame you got wrapped up into this. Is your ankle okay? I could see you took a tumble when i talked to the brothers over there. "

She looks to the horde member and switching to orcish she smiles again at the man"So, are you injured my friend? I heard you were part of the Dalaran Magi? is that true?" She blush's slightly "Sorry for eavesdropping." She looks away slightly and stare's into the fire waiting for a response from one of the two. Looking back up she says to no one in particular" So what is your names?"
"...I'm not t-that good at it, but I'll do my best," Maj said softly as she carefully inched over to the Blood Elf, reaching out and inspecting the shoulder he had indicated. Placing her hands above the injury, she channeled her minute mana to heal his shoulder as best she could without exhausting herself further. Unfortunately it meant she was likely only able to heal him a fraction of the way and and already she could feel the drain.

Finished, she swayed a bit and sat down hard by the fire and regarded the newcomer - a Draenei - tiredly. The lack of food and water was making it harder on the Novice to use her mana then normal... "...m-my name's Maj."

The Night Elf that approached and asked about her ankle received her timid, tired smile. "...I'll be f-fine, I f-fixed it the best I can..."

She shifted on the dirt floor of the Pit and carefully flexed her ankle to demonstrate her healed injury. Demonstration over, she tucked her leg back beneath her and absently brushed at her dirtied rough-spun Novice robes. How long had it been since any of them had had a decent meal, sleep or even bath....?
She looked down as she said "Errani".

"Very exotic name", said Arelius. It seemed she was still wary of him but then again her kind had lock blades with his, and he could see she was hesitant to accept Arelius.
"You don't have to talk if you don't want to, but I mean you no harm. As I was telling Maj here, I hold no affiliation with the Horde, and am only loyal to the magi of Dalaran and those who I can trust." He lowered his voice to a whisper.
"We are all in the same boat here, and I'm not gonna make an enemy out of a potential ally who can help me escape this place. How's that saying go, an enemy of my enemy is a friend? Well for now, I need all the help I can get. Plans for escape have started hatching in my mind but it is gonna require more than just 2 people. Are you with us?"

With any luck, they might stand a chance if they worked together. If this women agreed, others might see the 3 together and more people might come join them. He only hoped that they weren't split apart before the time came for them all to make their escape.
Stumbling behind the rest in line and with a few behind her as well, Lilli glared at the guards for gagging her. SHe was finally reieved to have the gag removed when they were shackled together and shuffled off the ship.

Moving her jaw around to loosen the ache she kept silent still. She had no idea how the rest of them would react to a warlock in their midst. She listened to the captain and his speech and followed with the rest, making sure to not cause any further trouble, though her mind seethed in anger.

There were a few casters among them and some death knights as well. She paid attention to the Horde members and made a mental note to speak to them. It appeared as if they had been grouped together in some sort of slavery ring.

She was not surprised to see the Captain and his mate tossed in with the rest of them. Studying each prisoner she debated with herself, who could she make friends with to aid her? Learning long ago to use her wiles instead of her temper and power, she decided to do a little test.

Picking out an area on the edge of the wall and near the center she sat on the ground and laid her hands on it. Using her innate demonic power she called the bowels of the earth to her aid, drawing a strange glyph in the dirt and mumbling demonic. She concentrated and felt the earth tremble below her hands.

She was not far from the death knights who sat with their backs to the wall. Ignoring any strange looks she might receive, she coaxed a glowing orange sphere out of the ground. The place where it rose gave off a good bit of heat. But she was not interested in comfort. The orange ball rotated and churned like a ball of fire, throwing off small sparks as she lifted it higher without touching it. It suddenly popped with a sickening sound and a green imp fell to the ground with a cry of protest. The guards looked into the pit and shrugged, they had no idea what an imp could do.

Surely they had never dealt with a warlock of her power. She smiled at Felsbub and then looked around to judge the reactions of the rest of the group. "No need to worry, he is under my control. we can use him and other...useful spells I get out of here. Does anyone have any idea of where this is? All I heard was mention of an uncharted isle." she spoke softly, her voice smooth and soothing.
Maj's healing took the pain out of Arelius's shoulder as he was talking to Errani. "Well, your good enough to mend my shoulder. Thank you, Maj, the pain is gone." The blood elf bowed his head in respect. If only he had the proper reagents with him to conjure some food and water for the group but seeing as he had none, that was out of the question.

While Errani had not given him an answer yet, a druid had wandered over. "My shoulder was hurt yes, but this young women healed it right up for me." He shot Maj a smile. "My name is Arelius Martemus, and yes I am from the magi of Dalaran. What is your name, druid?"
The air prickled uncomfortably for the Novice as the female Blood Elf revealed her abilities, summoning forth a demon. Paling, she scooted reflexively behind Arelius, watching the newly revealed Warlock and her imp warily. Warlocks were...well her Paladin trainee friend Barthe and his parents - a Paladin and Priestess respectively - called Warlocks vile spellcasters who sold their souls for access to the darkest of arcane abilities.

Given the rift between the Church and those who walked the path of Warlocks, she didn't know any. At least, she didn't think she did. She knew a Mage but that was it...

Undead, an Orc, Horde....and now demons. It was official, she had to be cursed, that was the only way to explain it.

Find me. And please hurry, she silently pleaded with her older sister.
Erani gave an easy smile to Maj as she introduced herself, then listened to Arelius's words and contemplated them for a moment . He was right, if they could combine their efforts, they could escape this dreadful place. Just as she had begun to speak a Night elf seemed to materialized out of nowhere causing Erani to jump nearly a foot in the air. Withdrawal had put her on edge. Embarrassed, she immediately composed herself and pretended nothing had happened. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed another blood elf conjure some sort of demon. She stared, betraying no emotion save for a twitch in her right eye.

Somebody please kill me., she whisered to herself in her native tongue.
Lia and Teron

The two watched as the hooded men lined up and waited for them, Lia getting an uneasy feeling in her stomach "Any idea's who they might be?" she'd whisper to the rogue beside her, who simply stared at the group and shook his head "Not a clue...but whoever they are, one can assume they are the ones who are 'buying' us...I suppose..." The Huntress would have spat on the deck of the ship, snarling as the group approached "I will be no one's soon as I get out of these shackles, I'll kill them"

Teron chuckled "Just remember you don't have your weapons, Lia..." he turned to the woman, smiling slyly. Lia turned to glare at him, not noticeing the man inspecting them until he stood in front of her. Turing her head to look at the man, she would raise a brow, however her eyes would inspect his face, remembering it for later...just in case she managed to break free and get the chance to kill him. With out warning, the man grabbed her chin, Lia gasping in surprise as he inspected her face.

She would bare her teeth at the man, but said nothing, however when her head was turned to Teron, she caught a glimpse of the Assassin glaring at the man, his fists curling and uncurling in anger. In her mind, she started to panic "Please don't say anything Please don't say anything Please don't say anything Please don't say anything Please don't say anything....." she would plea in her mind, praying that he wouldn't have any sort of out burst of anger.

Thankfully, he didn't as the man let go to go back to speak to the captain, the Huntress spitting at him as he left, sadly missing him. "I'll admit now..." she heard Teron say, turning to look at her friend with a somewhat concerned look on her face. He looked angry, his eyes never leaving the cloaked man "...if he treats you or anyone else like they are some sort of animal...I'll end him, there and then" Lia turned away from the man, looking at the cloaked figure as he spoke with the captain.

"Soon..Shifter...when the time is right..." She'd admit, having the man look her over as some item for sale rather than another living being made the rage inside her begin to rise. She wasn't going to just stand there and let him do what he wants the second time, if he tries she was going to put up a fight, send him a message that she, and Teron, were a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, she couldn't do this now, for being out numbered and stuck with people of who's combat capabilities she had no clue about, was not a very good situation to be in, and certainly not the most ideal one when it comes to fighting their captors.

The two would continue to be dragged along with the rest, following their captors along the path to see what the guide had to show the captain and his companion.


As the group was pulled along towards the location, Lia had been listening carefully to what the man was telling the captain that captured them. "This man is a fool" she'd whisper behind her to Teron "He honestly thinks that a group of low life scums like him can face the entire world? He may as well have joined the Cultists and died along with them when Deathwing tried to destroy the world, they have no hope if winning that kind of battle." Teron would remain quite at his friends words. Of course, he was more than willing to agree with her...but his eyes darted left and right, looking at the shrubbery, forests, everything to get a decent mental image inside of his head.

"Teron...Teron?! Are you listening to me?" the furious whisper would have reached the man's ears, his emerald green gaze looking up to meet those of Lia's shimmering jade green ones "Yes..I'm listening, but let's not be so hasty. Observe, calculate, then plan, you remember those words, correct?" Lia's face would relax, remembering the wise words that were told to them by a wandering merchant...or what seemed like a merchant at the time, as they were traveling to do a job one day.

"Fine..." Lia said, turning away "...You're right...observe...calculate...plan..."

It was only then their guide brought them to look upon the half built creation they were making that then Lia would eat some of the words she said. It was impressive, she'd admit, but even so, she knew that this was just a half baked project...plenty of room for 'mistakes'


The word from the human snapped her back to reality, her head turning along with Teron's to look back to the ship. The crew that had brought them here was being captured, some of them killed, the sight shocking the two as the men and women were put in shackles and being brought towards them in the same fashion their group were in currently. The two looked at each other, both know exactly what the other was thinking.


The 'Pit'....lived up to it's name.

It was, indeed, a pit. Dirty, filthy, and Lia and Teron knew exactly what it was made to do; break in new slaves. Lia would have stretched in a somewhat glorious freedom as the shackles were removed. However that freedom was short lived at the knowledge of where they were. There were shouts above them, something about a 'slave-catcher' and her 'pets'. The thought brought a smirk to the woman's face "Really...well don't tempt me...I would just so happen to like meeting this 'Slave-catcher' and her 'pets'..." she'd grin wickedly, but the slight tap against her arm caught her attention.

As suspected, it was Teron, those his eyes were more focused on the two that had captured them and got them into this mess. Lia looked down at herself and scowled at her lack of armor and shoes "Blasted fools...taking my equipment away.." Regardless, she would begin to stalk over to the two, fury in her eyes. Teron sighed, but followed, deciding it was best to give her some sort of back up in case things got out of control.

The Huntress would be the first to arrive at the two, her hand reaching towards the mans neck, her fingers attempting to wrap around it and press him further into the corner, regardless of the female beside him, who of which Teron would be watching closely, standing by Lia's back in a light stance, ready to defend the huntress as she 'interrogated' the captain.

"You..." she'd begin, a snarl tugging at her lips " have a lot of explaining to do, you know that? Capturing me and my friend, selling us as slaves..." Teron would speak next, not letting the woman finish what ever else she might have to say in fear that she would frighten the man to much that he won't give them answers "Who were the men that hired you? And more importantly, what do they want?" his eyes would flick up wards, the sound of suffering slaves reaching his ears as the two spoke to the humans.

"Was it a lot of cash? Was it the chance of fame? Did they make a promise to shower wealth and power on to you? Because if so...look were that got you, and us" Lia would continue, raising a finger to jab the man in the chest if she was successful in grabbing his neck "I can tell you now, human, you captured the wrong Sin'dorei...every fiber in my being screams for me to beat you to a bloody pulp...but given the situation, torturing you will have to wait..." again, there would be the sound of other slaves suffering "...or perhaps someone else is going to do that job for me..."

Teron had not seen his friend so worked up before. He knew she could be cold at times, but it seems this whole ordeal has her on edge. The fact that she also wore only a leather tunic with a white sleeveless under shirt, long brow pants and no shoes must have also contributed to such things, given she had no real means to defend herself besides her hand-to-hand combat skills.

As the two waited for a response from the captain, Teron would look around the pit at the other slaves quickly. A few must have been misbehaving slaves that were thrown into the pit as punishment, other than that, the others were talking (possibly making allegiance with each other), wandering around, or looking for a way to escape the hole that they were thrown into.

There was really nothing much else to it, Teron returned her gaze to the captain's companion, smirking at her, daring her to try and help her friend, his hands raised to block the slightest movement made towards the Huntress in any way. He was not taking any chances, not in this pit, not with these strangers.

Naerdiel Nod's at the man, with a smile she looks to the younger woman" Ah, so your a priest of the light then? Glad to see I'm not the only healer around here." Looking back to the man she nod's " Nice to meet you Arelius. My name is Naerdiel Nightengale, Druid of the Cenarion Circle. " Lowering her voice she looks at the man, "Do you still have the ability to make Portals?" Looking away she turns her attention to the fire and speaks to the three people at the fire" We need a way out, i have a bad feeling about this place." Her ears tingle as the hairs on the back of her neck rose"Demons...." the word vibrate's through her head. Turning she looks to see the blood elf summon a imp from the ground with a sigh she turns back to the fire.

Staring into the ground she close's her eye's and talks rapidly and seems to fall into a trance, after a minute she snaps her eye's open with a downcast gaze"Aessina does not come near this place, she says it radiates of death." Looking around she sigh's as she finally notice's how dirty "The Pit" was. Taking note of the Death Knights and the single orc, she sigh's and pulls her knee's to her chest and stare's dreamily into the fire.
"Pleased to meet you" said Arelius. " Unfortunately, I can't conjure one right now. Otherwise we'd be out of here" grimaced Arelius. "Let me explain. While yes, I do have the ability to make portals, I need a vast amount of reagents, the key being a rune of portals. They took all of my reagents I need with them. If there was a way to get them back, there might be a way for me to conjure one. The 2nd problem is that even if we HAD those reagents, I would need a decent amount of time to prepare the portal. If I was just teleporting myself, it wouldn't take me too much time but it would take me at least 15 to 30 minutes bare minimum for me to make one that all of us could use but no one else can. Those kinda of portals take an enourmous amount of concentration and will power to keep open. I would be a sitting duck for anyone while I made it."

Arelius contemplated the thought a little more. While those 2 things were problems, it might still lead for a way to get them off the island. He'd keep that as a plan B option. He didn't want to have to go into the heart of the monstrous fortress to find his reagents if he didn't have to. For now though, he would get some sleep, because chances were that they weren't going to be getting much in the near future.

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