[H] <Serenity Now> 10M Recruiting SPriest

Serenity Now (lvl 25) 10M is looking for exceptional raiders of all classes for our core raid.
Currently 16/16Normal & 1/16Heroic

Looking for Spriest w/ Disc os for our core raid spot

Core Raid:
Monday 8 - 11pm Server time
Tues 8 - 12am Server Time
Wed 7:30 - 11pm Server Time

Loot is distributed based on a fair officer loot council. With the criteria of both attendance and performance.
As such, weekly attendance and active participation will be required.

We are also recruiting all casual/social guild members.

For further details, please pm any of the following people in game:

Nekked (Tekniquez#1927)
Bump. Specifically recruiting a brilliant elemental shaman with resto OS for our core group
to the top, 3 more bosses down tonight. 6/6 MsV, 6/6 HoF, 2/4 Terrace.

Looking specifically for either:
Ele Shaman w/ Resto OS OR Spriest w/ heals OS.

1.) have 480+ ilvl
2.) have vent
3.) be situationally aware
4.) be raid proactive
5.) 6/6 MsV, 6/6 HoF experience preferred.

Pst Nekked, Booka, Sgtcomic, Thornyy in game
Bump. 2 more bosses down tonight.

Looking for an spriest or ele sham with healing offset.
bump looking for an spriest w/ disc os (preferably).

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