Singapore guild doing PVP

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Friend and I are looking for more sg-based players/or a guild as above. RBGs, arena, world pvp trolling.

Aiming for 1800 rating upwards.
Hi, im also looking for like minded pvp sg players. Do let me know if something happens:)
lol. #1. singaporeans don't pvp. #2. even if they do, they mostly suck
Hi, i have a group of 5-6 Singaporeans currently looking for fix rbg grps. Do let me know if you guys are keen :)
come thaurissan with us :)
Sg warrior LF based SG pvp guild ...
higest for arena in 3s 1748
RBG 1463
cant commit much due to local time so i can only get this rating

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