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We've just returned to raiding and are looking for a few more for once a week, Sunday night raiding. We raid from 8pm server time till whenever people complain about work commitments. Usually 3-4 hours. Our current raid makeup is formed from previous Not Steamboat and Tribunal members and all of us have raided at a realm first level previously. However, we no longer have the time or inclination to raid at such a level. Our return to raiding is by no means super serious, it's to scratch an itch and have some fun.

SuperStars the guild itself has realm firsts from Cataclysm (H-Nef, H-Alakir) while our raiders have realm firsts boss kills going as far back as Vanilla and BC (Algalon, Yogg0, M'uru, KJ, Illidan and others).

Due to our limited raid time we are progression focused with our current aim looking to be to clear Heart of Fear. We are not the type of guild who farms gear from the easy bosses and will extend a raid ID if we feel the need.

Our raid team is looking like it will be full so we are currently just looking for people who want to join the guild on a casual basis.

We are looking for people with a decent amount of WoW experience (though not necessarily as much as us), and because of our short raiding hours, people who put effort into their gear outside of the Sunday raid.
If you meet this criteria and have a decent mix of raid finder/valour gear contact myself in game.

Casuals also welcome to join of any background or experience so long as you aren't the type of person who gets all emo when you log in and say hello and nobody replies.

And if you happen to look at our roster on the armoury please do not stress, whilst Twosies is currently in the guild, he is not raiding.
10/10 players in there day most of them are !@#$%^s tho.

Hide the women from twosies he destroys the vagoo.


:edit: pls tell me your roster.

:edit: pls tell me your roster.

What does it matter, you ain't on it.
Get !@#$ on roflabin
Recruitment threads, this is too hardcore for my liking. I'm out.
Also: My cap is delightful.
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12/03/2012 02:44 AMPosted by Rofladine
10/10 players in there day

rofladin 2/10 on best day

0/4 on worst day

PS: nova you wearing same helmet at rofladine, secret exposed!
Why did you bother changing characters?
B/c I'm not lazy like you
Nether people are being mean to me on the internet.
12/04/2012 01:56 AMPosted by Rofladine
Nether people are being mean to me on the internet.

Awesome players not treating the game like it's a second job... or a nagging girlfriend. About time casual raiders got some credibility.
YOU GUYS. join SuperCasuals!
12/05/2012 12:57 AMPosted by Lunaduck
YOU GUYS. join SuperCasuals!

You're beautifull
Bump for OP still using a blue weapon.
12/05/2012 02:04 AMPosted by Rofladine
You're beautifull

I give this 1/4 Rofladine
Get in line, Mira's first

It's nice seeing more than 8 people online

Bump for Holsety's weapon

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