@Pandboo (of Ludicrous)- A plague on you!

Whoever the chump is who plays this char, I wish you some sort of horrible itchy illness that irritates you for years.

Backstory - Last night, running some dungeons...drop into a partially completed one, where people were talking about the "tank" they just kicked called Pandboo, and how they were a bot. I thought "damn, I thought it was only BGs people bot in". A dungeon later, I drop into a partially completed dungeon, and who do I see but Pandboo. Standing, doing nothing. Everyone waiting for them to pull, but Pandboo never did (queues as tank hoping for a carry obviously!).
We were able to clear trash thanks to others pulling (sometimes Pandboo would then throw out some random attacks, but generally not enough to get aggro), but when we got to the 2nd boss in Utgarde Keep (you know, the warrior and the caster), we wiped hard.

Yes, we kicked him, but had to wait another 10 mins for a tank. Yes, I reported for botting. But seriously, it wasted a bunch of at least 8 other people's time that I know of, let alone how many others you messed with last night because you can't be bothered actually playing your char yourself. Heck I could deal with it if you were botting as a dps to get carried, but a tank has responsibilities, and botting as a tank is just ruining the dungeon for everyone else.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw this out there, that if you ever get in a group with Pandboo, just kick on site. And who knows, maybe Ludicrous care enough about their guild reputation to gkick this fool.
I can actually confirm that I've had a similar experience only last week while leveling in Temple of the Jade Serpent. We were graced with an Elemental Shaman who was botting. I don't understand this botting business honestly, you bot Battlegrounds and now dungeons. There isn't much left to the game. Penalties need to be harsher on people confirmed to be botting, deletion of the character for starters followed by deletion of the account if found to be intentionally breaking the ToS again.
While at a frens house I saw a dude botting scenarios with completely broken gear, that i cannot even understand <.<
It looks as though Pandboo is infact the guild leaders alt.

Leader: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Turnbros/advanced
Alt: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Pandboo/advanced

Based on the same amount of achievement points and completing achievements on the same date.
oh turnbros, i got my first H yorsahj kill with him back in the day.
Pandboo? What a !@#$ name

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