Whats it take to get experience in RBGs?

I just xfrd here and I need direction on what it takes to be a viable choice when getting selected for a RBG from a group. It seems everyone has such high standards (req. 1.5k, 1.8k, 2k, 2.2k etc... link achv) that i cant seem to find a group of people who are in the same position as me that are just starting out and trying to find a door to stick my foot in.

I understand my gear is ridiculous right now. I was originally a Ret pally with 59% resil and 34% pwr (trying to get 2h weapon) but then I xfrd here and realized Ret pallies are not as desired as Hpallys. I am in the middle of converting to a holy pally and so I will be gemming and enchanting my gear ASAP and getting my leggings this week. I understand I need to stack resil and pvp pwr. I understand i need to use key binds and not keyboard turn. I understand whats required from my class/spec. I understand the basics in pvp but when it comes to experience I just dont have it.

Please, if anyone out there is willing to give me some direction as to how i can gain experience in RBGs. I don't want to have spend real money to get carried in a 2.4k rating group. I enjoy competition and i take it seriously but at the same time I don't devote my life to it.

If i can find a RBG before tomorrow then I will have the opportunity to get 400 cp and then another 1800 next week for the 1h pvp weapon. I would really appreciate someone who can offer me a spot in their group just this once for an opportunity to learn.
That's a good question, let me know if you have any success.

I suppose it's similar to those that require you to link an achievement to join a raid. If nobody gives you that first opportunity, how are you to link what you don't have?

There's an addon called UnderAchiever to fake them but meh, I don't care enough I guess.

Good luck in finding a group that's patient enough. It's a tough crowd out there.
Just link a fake achievement and hope they dont armory you
Welcome to KT. If it's any consolation, the KT RBG pugs are notoriously bad anyway. Unfortunately, you sit where a lot of us do: can't get a group without an achievement, cant get an achievement without a group, on and on ad nauseum. At least you play a class desirable for RBG :)
put in your time with low rated rbg pugs, work your way up, get your mmr up. consider it hazing or paying your dues.

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