DK lf a raiding guild.

I am currently looking for a oceanic guild to raid on my Dk. I have raided more or less every tier on my dk starting ulduar. I was in top 100 ranking a couple of times in DS too. I also have silver meta on my dk for challenge modes etc.. so i know my class =). I am MS frost and OS blood (in case on tanks goes MIA once in a while).

Currently struggling to find any decent guild here on my server being an extremely causal rp-pve server. I am looking for a semi casual raiding grp that raids 2-3 times a week (preferably on weekends) , where ppl come prepared etc. I love small tight knit grps so i strongly prefer 10 mans.. but i am open to 25s at the moment.
hers's my dk's armory:

looking for singapore 8-11 pm timings on weekdays/weekends and/or afternoon timings for weekends.
You want one with a big, fat guild bank?
Hi, Infusion is a SG based guild that raids 9pm to 12mn SGT on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays.

Please visit if you are interested.
People apply to guilds, not the other way around.
Can't see the link to the DKs armoury, but you're from Nagrand horde? (or your druid is at least?) Have you thought about going alliance at all?

Tribo are in need of a DK for our 25 man raid team.
We raid at 11pm server time Wed/Thurs/Sun. (which is 8pm +8GMT)

Check out our recruit thread for more info.

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