Frost/Blood DK looking for a Late Night Guild

I'm and old-school raider/PVP'er, and an adult.
I'm looking for LATE NIGHT action!!! PVE or PVP
The best times for me are 10:00pm PST to 02:00am PST
I have raided and PVP'd for years... I do not stand in fire and I am always willing to learn and adapt for the benefit of the team. I will watch video's, change gems, tweak a rotation... whatever it takes.
I'm not into bull!@#$ or drama, I just want a home that will have an active roster late night.

I'd be willing to have a discussion with you about the possibility of utilizing you on our secondary raid team. stormvine#1200 if you want to discuss it further.
Sounds like a plan. I will contact you in game sometime today.

Thank you,

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