The Shado-Pan quests that started this week..

They suck, I died so many times trying to get them done. I said screw it and quit them. You guys made it to hard to kill these guys.
Care to elaborate?
Make sure you get your Shado-Pan apprentice each day to help you. I found them much easier to complete with that.
Yeah, having a dead weight apprentice who runs around killing stuff and won't let me Invis to fly off but instead will fight the other 300 things that spawned is a great deal of help.

Especially when her stupid shroud doesn't activate, thus making the quests even MORE of a slog.

I hope the Shado-Pan (yes, all of them) are a raid boss in 5.2-6.0 so I can murder each and every one of those stupid, racist, whiny hypocrites.
"You bring nothing but pain and hate and war and rage! Now leave us alone while we fight these Klaxxi every few hundred years, our leader gets possessed, and we treat you like crap just for showing up and offering to clean up your own mess as well as ours. We don't need your help, despite clearly needing your help."

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